The Travel Companion


I started this project a looong time ago and for months it was stuck in my “I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-these-projects” pile. I guess I kinda forgot the reason why I wanted to make this in the first place. But then I gave it another shot and posted the result on a wip thread. Again - thanks to everybody who commented and gave me feedback on the project.


The final render was rendered with only 256 samples thanks to the new denoiser. Still have some noise due to the volumetrics though…

Some close ups of the guitar:


Feels like theres a bit too much light in the body of the guitar but great render man:D

Oh, yeah you are completely right!.. I didn’t even think of that. - To make the world a bit more realistic I added a little bit of sss, but I guess I made the body too thin or just mixed too much sss into the material. Anyway, thanks!

Hmmm… first of all, the lighting and textures are great, the rendering looks really nice!
The thing that was irritating for me is that the guitar looks like it is floating into the air. For a while i wondered what the guitar was leaning against until i saw the guitar stand in the shadow. I expected a rock or something. The guitar stand is not visible enough, it blends too much into the shadows.
In addition, the story/composition behind the picture seems a bit strange. So there is someone who had a car accident(?) or maybe he just parked there. He left random boxes, a toolbox and a tent next to the road…why camping next to a road? When i want to camp somwhere i would go to a camping place or if there’s none i would go more into nature then next to a road, also why put the guitar on a guitar stand, but leaving everything else a mess? Just some thoughts of mine, maybe they help you :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback.
I agree with you, the story doesn’t really add up… This project just ended up as a big mess, but I think the reason for it is that my intentional idea was so very different from the story the image is trying to communicate now.
Not sure I am going to fix the problems with it because I will have to change the entire story. Maybe I will go back to my wip thread at some point and try some new things out and then post the final result at a new finished project. At the moment I think I need some time to figure out what exactly I want to say with this image.
Anyways… Glad you commented. It is awesome that people in here are so helpful.