THE TREASURE: Looking for a small team!

(P.S Please be noted of my grammar. Sorry for that!)

I am currently planning a short film for Blender.

I am looking for a small team of dedicated volunteers, either professional or not. Please, as much as possible, I need a more experienced volunteer out there.

This is the screenplay.

Currently, I am needing the following:


  • Storyboarders (4 slots left)
  • Animatic artists (3 slots left)


  • Human modelers/ Riggers (6 slots left)
  • Asset modelers (6 slots left)
  • Animators (4 slots left)
  • Texture Artists (3 slots left)
  • Lighting/ Simulation/ Compositing Artists (6 slots left)
  • Renderers (4 slots left)
  • Cinematographers (2 slots left)
  • Environment Artists (8 slots left)


  • Video Editors (2 slots left)
  • Musical Scorers/Sound Designers (2 slots left)

All volunteers will be credited.

Only until August 23, 2016.

At next posts in this thread, I’ll be showing script excerpts, the whole plan itself, and the qualified volunteers.

If you are interested at this project, just comment out in this thread. Write me an email ([email protected]) with “The Treasure” as the subject.

In the email, write about your experiences in Blender, particularly in the field of your choice. You can attach some demo reels. Please, the email you’ve sent is short. I don’t usually read a very long emails.

Have a nice day!


As of July 22, 2016:

Qualified Volunteers:

  • Allen Brown (Animation/Rigging)

Hello, I am interested in helping you out with this short film and I sent you an email.

I would be interested in helping as well.