the tree

Blender internal Renderer

the tree:D:D:D:D

:Dand the v2
add a shadowless area light below the ground to light up the hand


Cool! I had to look twice before I could see the hand, though. At first I was like, “hmmm, a stone tree.” Extra cool. The back wall is a bit shiny though.

Hand??? … Ohhhh I see it. Yeah, the same as above, the back wall is a bit shiny

Wow, it looks like a real clay model rather then 3d. Excellent!

wow, very nice. renderer?

Oh, and… tutorial on texturing, please :RocknRoll:

wow that´s pretty awesome!! Could you pleeease post a tutorial for the texturing?? 5/5 stars!

thanks,i think the back wall is a bit shiny too
now there is the new version

all the texture are basic texture
image and procedureal texture 2 layers or 3 layers
Are you kidding?
if you really need it
i’ll post a short tut

I´m not kidding. I just started with blender and 3D-moddeling. :o I don´t have any idea who you did the texturing in this scene. If you could post a short tutorial, it would be very helpful! :smiley:

the background blue tile wall material setting
and the hand mat