The Trooper - A very simple scene. (Lack of realism)

Hi :D.

I’m making a scene, and i want more realism, but i don’t know how to implement it. Do you have any tip?

The wip render is attached. Rendered with the latest Yafaray.

Sorry my english.


EDIT: A little of post-render using Gimp.



ah, thats quite good! The light-setting is very good and the textures and (most) materials are perfect. But I think there are still some small improvements to do.

For example the metal parts of the gun seems too blurry, like soaped. And the helmet is much to glossy.
The leafs looks really good, but much too perfect. They lie there, no one broken or crunched like made in a factory.

I guess these are the main issues. I hope I could help a bit.

so long

looks more like a ainting than real life. the textures are toooo hmm… blurry? kinda splochy. But it looks great!

i really like it, the leaves especially, but as the others said to get it more realistic you would have to sharpen the textures quite a lot. but i like it a lot as it is…

I think the tree could be too shiny, it makes it a bit harder to pinpoint the helmet. I think with a little tweaking and possibly some kind of highlighting on the helmet/light beams from the tree’s could make this look really nice. That’s just my opinion though, hopefully it will serve as some kind of help :smiley: