The trouble with baking process

Hello everybody !

I am following the Johnny Blender 2.0 tutorial series step by step.
I’ve got a low resolution mesh and a high resolution one including sculpting details.
I tried to bake to create the normal tangent map (I first selected the high resolution mesh, then the lower one) both but Blender always crashes.

I tried with 2.56a and 2.57b.

Could you please help ?

Many thanks !

Many thanks for your reply.
I tried the sample file : no crash

When I bake Textures on the lower resolution mesh : OK
When I bake Normals on the lower resolution mesh : no trouble.
When I bake Normals on the higher resolution mesh : warning : No objects or images found to bake to
When I bake Normals on both of them : always crash

I changed the timeline viewport to the Python Console but nothing is written on it. Is there any configuration to apply to watch the ython reports and maybe try out to understand the trouble ?

I tested the trouble on 3 computers. It crashed on two of them and runs on the third one. Do I need a high end computer to bake normal maps ?

no, you could bake the normals on the low-resolutin mesh. If your setup
is really the same for both meshes, than it could only be a question of
the used memory.
You can check it using your low resolution mesh and make it more
“complicated”. Easy way, you only need to do a subdivide … that will
duplicate the resolution … unwrapp again … try bake
and so on … until you get the vertices-count of your high-resolution mesh.

What is the vertices count of your low-res-mesh and
of your high-res-mesh?

Maybe you really did blow-up the computer-memory …
but then other users might be able to tell what computer-systems could do the job.

If I uncheck the real time display of the subsurf modifier, I’ve got 3,369 vertices on my low resolution mesh and 177,483 vertices for the higher resolution model.
I do believe that I blew up my computer memory.
Did you try the 64 bits version ?

sorry … i am using the 64bit-Version since 2 years …
next, i use linux and when a scene gets to complicated i get the delay
from memory swapping and thats the first sign i have to look for a simpler setup.
If you are on windows, try to run a system-info program about the usage of memory, sorted with top-memory-usage-progs on top.
Next, sometimes a bad hardware may be the reason - you will only notice it at special memory or cpu-consuming tasks.

Why did you choose the 64 bits version ? Does it run really faster ? (stupid question I guess)