The Trouble With Weight Painting Using Blenrig

Hi Everybody !

I rigged a human being using Blenrig.
Everything is fine with the hands.
When I select a bone on the foot and start painting the matching toe it deforms the mesh. There is no deformation on the leg but everywhere on the foot.

Any idea ?

Here is a snapshot. I painted the red spots. It’s as if the mesh is moved upwards.

Have you selected the whole Armature (all the bones), in pose mode, and pressed Alt+R (to clear rotation), Alt+G (to clear translation) and Alt+S (to clear scale) ?

Yes I did it

Did you press Ctrl+A with the object selected to apply rotation,location and scale, before you applied the rig?

(I’ve never used Blenrig, so if it’s none of this, then I don’t know what it might be…)

is the mesh and rig in the rest position or the pose position? That will make a difference. I had the same problem simply trying to adjust mesh parts in the edit mode. It’s easier to weight paint when the rig and mesh are in the “REST” mode rather than POSE

The issue came from feet are FK and hands are IK. So you have to put the sliders to FK when painting the feet