The Troublemaker

Hi, it’s my first post here :slight_smile: Concept of this project was initially created for Blender F1 Challenge. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to finish it before deadline expired. Modelling in Blender, rendering in Internal, textures in Projection Paint, GIMP and Photoshop.

PS: Sorry for my bad english :wink:

nicelly done my friend, very good work :slight_smile:

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That is one amazing model! I really like the whole thine but the aspect that stands out the most is the tires! Wonderful tires! What shader method did you use on them? SSS?

And how long did it take to complete this model?

rad. yes, i use that word. Welcome to the forums, amazing work there!

austen :ba:

This is an excellent work FreeQ! As Robo said, the tires really stand out. The materials on them are really good. Decals, details, materials in general are all really, really good. Too bad you didn’t get to enter it into the F1 challenge!

Thanks for comments.

@Robo3Dguy: i tried to combine colorbands: texture (map input: reflection, map to: color), diffuse and specular shader. All of these colorbands are striped, just like Wood procedural texture. This simulates many glossy reflections. Also, every rim has its own area lamps with no diffuse enabled- this makes specular shiny and gives me huge control of its placement.

Edit: Ooops, you meant tires, not rims… For tires i use two different materials: first without specular for tread and second with it for rest of tire. That’s all.

that, is nice!!

welcome, freeqstyler!
loverly render! I like the nvidia, google, intel etc. sponsers!
what is your workflow for texturing this kind of thing? is it a full unwrap or decals?

@LPT: I did full unwrap (not perfect, though)

Great look. very detailed modelling. The glass texture doesn’t work to well, no distortion and to opaque. The body paint is lovely with metal fleck through it. And I think the rims are superb. Did you render with anti-ailising on, some edges look rough?