The True Blender Wallpaper

Been a while since last posted some work. Here’s a wallpaper (1280x1024 pix.). All in Blender, some postpro to add the lettering.
Hope you like it.

Get the large 1280 version.

Very clever! I like it a lot. :smiley:



Two clicks, and it’s on my desktop (what’s worse, if I change my background again later, it stays in my backgrounds list. Freaky).

Very nice illustration work, I like the brandnamed stuff too. Excellent work, the only crit I have is the whiteness around the target logo that comes from bad AA in blender with rgbA on.

nice work all around, until you said that the blender was done in blender, I hadn’t realized it.

For the first time in a while in viewing any of the art sections I’m extremely impressed.

Wow, that’s good! Why didn’t you post it in Finished Projects? This is the Traditional forum!

I also agree - should be in the Finished forum, gets more views there :stuck_out_tongue: .
I love it cause its kinda simple but the blender like makes it interesting. Also think the targets are great. Awesome work, just like your Floatplane, cant wait for some more exceptionally great work from you.

Hmmm, you guys are right, traditional is for hand-drawn/painted stuff. This is 3D…

It’s posted in the Finished Work now. Thanks (hope the moderators don’t mind the duplicate).