The True History of Waco, Video

You might not care about this at this point,
but it is just a reminder that the truth is out there and not to believe the MSM, (Main Stream Media)

Watch as the one AFT agent waits as 3 fellow agents enter the building and then the last agent throws a granade into the room and fires 2 bursts into the room behind him, and then gets shot through the wall and just escapes with his life,
but the 3 agents in the room died, and the just so happened to be former security guards of Bill Clinton.

Also watch how the military moves in on the house with flame throwing tanks to burn the little women and children.

Who cares.:confused:

This is so shocking! One more reason guv’mint needs an overhaul. Whatever happened to the integrity. Thank you for the link Salvatore.

Maybe a sign of the times?

I don’t think we’ll ever hear the truth about what happened that day from the Government (or the media). Personally - To the ATF agents that took part in the raid, all I can say is what goes around, comes around.

That being said - this BS about Flame Throwing tanks is just that… a bunch of BS!! I’ve watched the Waco video lots of times. The only flame throwing tanks I ever saw were the ones driven by Elvis!

5-on-it, this video plainly shows flame throwing tanks,
just watch the last 5 minutes of this video

Oh dear. Salvadore forgot to take his medication again.

You don’t have to watch the last 5 minutes, just go to 26:40.

It’s all crap of course. But hey, there’s people who believe the moon landings were fake. :eek:

The video is inaccurate and plays a lot of the same games that the 9/11 truthers typically use. That’s not fire shooting out of the tanks, it’s CS2 powder. It’s a powdered version of teargas. The videos that the public took of the front of the building show no evidence of any illegal activities. It’s a thermal optical camera on an airplane that was circling the area that shows evidence of the fires being set. There was incendiary grenades use and a LOT of firearm activity going on in the back of the building.

The majority of the people who died in the compound are believed to have been killed not by the fire, but by the burning of all of this CS2 powder that was pumped in the night before and the next morning before the assault. From the wikipedia article on CS powder:

When CS is metabolized, cyanide can be detected in human tissue.[36] According to the United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, CS emits “very toxic fumes” when heated to decomposition, and at specified concentrations CS gas is an immediate danger to life and health. They also state that those exposed to CS gas should seek medical attention immediately.

So they fill the building with this powdered form of teargas, and then use incendiary grenades to set it off, creating cyanide gas which many speculate is what killed most of the women and children. Several of the men had also been shot. None of the survirvors support the official statement that Koresh had set the building on fire, rather that there had been incendiary devices.

This is a ‘real’ documentary. It goes over more than just the technical video crap from that day. Beware, tho, that there are images and video that you will not want to see if you are squeamish or have a weak stomach. They do not hold back when showing the photographic evidence of the cyanide poisoning and the effects that that has on the human body. Basically, if you don’t want to see dead mutilated bodies, don’t watch that.

The original moon landing was a Hollywood creation, yes indeed,
and a very poor one at that,

First of all,(fellow blenderers will appreciate this) the shadows on the surface did not coraspond with each other, meaning multiple light sources

Second, there is no atmosphere on the moon, and space is a vacuum, so the flag would not be blowing in the breeze instead it might even be in a neat little vacuum pack ball

Also, the landing approach was filmed from a position not connected to the shuttle, who was filming and in what shuttle did they ride? Well, NASA later admitted that “The landing was a computer simulation”

And the list of evidence goes on and on.

Not to mention all the experts at the time said it was nearly impossible to be done in the 8 to 10 year time frame

Oh dang it
Momma, where is my ProZak bottle?!?!

Then please explain the Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation.
How do you suppose the mirrored laser retro-reflectors got there, then?

Salvadore I agree with you. Waco happened on the 19th April 1993, and Oklahoma bombing/demolition job also happened on the 19th of April 1995…Gee what a coincidence.:smiley:
Do you get that the feeling secret societies are F****** with us. These secret societies got their especial days on which they sacrifice people, you like 9/11. Remember Bush senior and his New World Order speech on 9/11 1990. Gee just another coincidence.:smiley:

And let’s not forget that war in Georgia last week, 2000 people got sacrificed in one night, and this all happened right in the middle of the Pagan Olympic games. If it ain’t Pagan then what is Prometheus all about? Or what does the color gold, silver or bronze actually mean? See you don’t know, because you weren’t meant to know. Especially people like Elam.

First of all,(fellow blenderers will appreciate this) the shadows on the surface did not coraspond with each other, meaning multiple light sources
Like hell we will appreciate it. You can create that exact effect using blender and one light source. Perhaps you should study up on how shadows behave before making assumptions like that.

Explain this please:

And lastly, Blender:

Lets not derail this topic with dumb Moon hoax conspiracies.


The flag planted on the moon was made from metal because NASA was aware of the lack of air on the moon and had planned ahead.

I can’t believe how many people overlook this. If I remember correctly, the flag itself wasn’t metal, but there was a metal pole sewn into the top of the flag. This was done so it looked more impressive than a flag just hanging from a pole. It was a way to make sure the Russians knew that we beat them to the moon. Luckily for us, they didn’t give up. Otherwise we would be lacking a very useful way into space.

If it was windy and was filmed in the Southwest like people talk, wouldn’t you be able to see dust blowing around? For the flag to be like it is in the videos, you would have to have a descent wind. We know the surface is soft/dusty because the Astronauts left footprints when they walked.

I’m up for a good conspiracy, but only if there is good evidence. Also, you have to look at everything there, not just the parts that support your theory.

Actually, you are completely wrong. It was made of cloth and a metal rod was put though the top seam of the flag to make it stick out, however it does blow in the wind.

Lets not forget the fact that the astronaughts have suits made out of plastic, aluminum and foam, somehoe that’s supposed to protect them from the dagers of thing on the moon like micrometeroids (tiny meteors that woult kill you if they hit you), the wind like radiation that sweeps over the moon, and finally the fact that they jump in and out of shadows, wich the tempurature change would kill them.

Also, there is a bandf of deadly radiation that surounds the earth, it would have been impossible for them to get past it alive.


I agree with you [email protected]!! Nearly everyone I have ever talked to about the “Fake” moon landings can’t even understand basic science that every 6th grader should understand, yet they try to come off as Moon Landing experts!!

“The shadows don’t match!! Therefore it was faked!!”

I’ve heard every ridiculous argument time and time again from these people and after a while their arguments are just laughable. What’s really funny, I would say nearly 90% of the evidence they offer as proof, actually proves that WE DID GO TO THE MOON… not that we didn’t.

Actually, you are completely wrong. It was made of cloth and a metal rod was put though the top seam of the flag to make it stick out, however it does blow in the wind.

Good god. Please watch this:

Also, there is a bandf of deadly radiation that surounds the earth, it would have been impossible for them to get past it alive.

The Van Allen radiation Belt. They survived because they weren’t in it long enough to receive a lethal dose. Ever had an X-ray?

I notice you’ve skipped the shadow question. Could that be because I’ve just proved that the same thing can be done in your 3d app of choice?

Did you read my arguement, you may change your mind after you do, what I’ve stated on there are facts, not ideas or things pulled out of thin air, but facts that anyone can look up.

I admit, the shadows arguement is pretty weak, but what I offered isn’t.
I’d like an explanation, cause honestly if all it takes to keep from dying of radiation is a plastic suit lined with aluminun and foam (not to mention the face is exposed to the radiation), then I’m going to make that kind of suit and fly into space :spin::spin::spin:



You’re right - I don’t know where I got that piece of useless info!

Wouldn’t astronauts on space walks also be subjected to comparable risks? If space suits weren’t protective enough, wouldn’t that have an impact on the existence of the space shuttle, International Space Station and Hubble space telescope?

If the moon landings were faked, why has Hollywood been unable to reproduce such convincing weightless conditions in any movie?

I’ve created a thread for the moon hoax theories:

Lets keep this one about Waco. Thanks.