The True History of Waco, Video

Well this will be my final reply on the moon subject in this thread.

The band of radiation is further out that what an orbital area is.


Huh??? WTF?

Hey Salvadore your thread got hijacked by Madcow and the moon people.:smiley: What u going to do about it?

I am going to pout and cry.
Stomp my feet and demand that all of you tell me my statements, no matter how outlandish, are IN FACT TRUE!!

Really, I haven’t done much investigation on the moon consericy so I will not press the issue, I did want to comment on it though since someone brought it up.

But what I do know is that the “THEY” that jack black talks about is the global elite.
There are about 2000 people at the top of the social pyramid that have control over Us, the people.

They control the media, the oil companies, the military industrial complex, big aggraculture, the education system, and most importently the printing rights to the worlds feiot currencies.

These people are crazy as bat shit, they worship crazy gods and spirits, and they feel like they need the world and its resources for themselves.

There plan is to kill off 90% of the worlds population,
and create a new breed of human, I’m sorry 2 seperate breeds.

The first being a super human that is immortal, they all ready have the technoligy to prolong there lives indefinetly with the use of stem cells and cloning,

and in the very near future they will be fussing themselves with robotics and nanotech.
They can clone any organ they might need, and they definetly have cures for all that ails, be it cancer or aids, and they might even be able to repair a person run over and killed by a bus. jsut hot wire his brain to a robot, and he has all his old memories, and all his old characteristics.

These people did create the AIDS virus, they do inject us with vaccines tainted with cancer viruses and mercury witch gives kids a 1000% better chance of becoming Autistic, they are spraying the skys with heavy metals so they can control the weather as well as send radio frecuencies that can actually control peoples motor skills(movement, and thought processes). With these heavy metals in our systems, we become radio antenas that pick up on all kids of radio signals, good, bad or indifferent.

So I say to all of you,

Dont let them inject you with there poision,

Dont let them take your blood at road side check points,

Watch the sky for trails that come from the rear of planes, and watch the trail over the course of the day turn into clouds that cover the sky, some times the trail disipates in a few minutes, consider yourself lucky in these cases.

Don’t take there drugs, they only make you sicker,
If you know some one with cancer, put them on a six month diet of nothing but raw food and juice, nothing else, throw the perscriptions and kemo out the window.

Carry video cameras everywhere you go and document what you see.

This is an information war, and we are being filled with nothing but mis info.

Well I could go on forever but I doubt anyone will read this far.

Dude I read the whole of it. Man if what you state is 1/2 true then folks every where is due for a rude awakening.

I did.:smiley: I believe you. I heard about the Aids virus, that some arrogant quack who mixed cat viruses and other animal viruses to create Aids. And then pump it into those poor Africans with the excuse they were being vaccinated.

Hey what about those Gulf War Vets, you don’t suppose they were vaccinated with Aids viruses as well do you?

Teach your children about the NWO. It’s the only way to defeat them. If they say jump to the left, you jump right. If they say jump front, you jump back. Be a real stick in the mud.

What they are doing to our troops is far worse then any cancer virus,

These soldiers die within days of being vacinated, and they die of horrible, painful and grotesque systems.

The troops are the new lab rats, they dont even test these drugs on rats any more, they go straight to the troops for in the field testing,
the results are unknown in some cases, until the soldiers start showing sings of sympums.

The scary thing is, this is nothing,
you think I am crazy talking about new breeds of humans, but just think about it for a sec.
We are being upgraded from the form of human we know today to a form of human the scientist creating us dont even know and can’t imagine.

The big aggraculture is moving rapidly over to a stricktly GMO program, were everything we eat is cross breed with all kinds of crazy combos,
and whats worse is they have the pentagon involved, meaning they are weaponizing food.
The scientist that inject DNA from spiders, ants and cocaroaches into potatos, tomatos and corn admit they have no clue what will happen to these concoctions if/after they are released into the food chain,
After a few generations of these new crops, they could yield no fruit, that would be a best case scinario, worst case is we have new species of orginisums that are alian to this planet, and may destroy our entire ecosystem.

This by the way is the biggest threat to our exsistence, and the biggest contributor to “Climit Change”, but our representitives what to isue new taxes and limitations on our freedoms in the name of the new god “Gia” and the new religion, a global religion to take the place of all other religions, “Global Warming”.

Not only that, but to make sure you are getting the right amount of GMO in your diet, the powers that be will soon be instating a new fasion, and maybe law, that everyone be vegetarian, now I grew up as a vegetarian, and this worries me.

Right now at the DNC in Denver the police are cracking skulls, pepper spraying and hualing to FEMA camps any and everyone in the streets.

The chant at the moment by the peacful protesters is “THIS IS WHAT A POLICE STATE LOOKS LIKE”.

So, to all my fellow humans, take a good look, because you are now living through a fascist police state, and we are about to be nuked to high hell by Russia.

Enough, enough, ENOUGH. You have no evidence to support your theories (yes, they are theories, for God’s sake), aside from your “documentaries”, apparently in complete ignorance of the fact that any asshat can take out a video camera and show us lies.

Yes, we are told lies daily. Do you expect anything else from the multimedia business that gets its money from controversy? Yes, the government lies, that has been true throughout history. Governments cover their own asses. I acknowledge that. Many of us would do the same thing in their positions. I have nothing against questioning everything- I do so daily. But if you’re going to advertise this insanity as the truth, at least find some real proof to back it up.

We’re not little puppets to “2000 batshit crazy cultists”. You have no proof. And here’s the definition of proof for those of you who seem to struggle with it. Don’t show me little hand signals that people have been making. Don’t show me some design coincidence (yes, it happens). And, by the way, coincidences are, in fact, real.

Look at what you’re saying for a moment. Think about what this looks like to everybody else. You’re claiming that somebody has the ability to create eternal life through STEM CELLS, which are still not completely understood. Also, you think we’re being mind controlled.

Let’s think about that statement. If the world is under mind control, then how the hell are you able to post this? Dropping metals from the sky? Do you know what kind of environmental consequences this would create, and how easily anyone with a scientific background of any kind (even a friggan high school teacher) would be able to find these metals?

I respect your opinion as much as everyone else’s, but only if it actually involves some logic…

When did we lose our trust in humanity? People are so quick to decide that something is some crazy ass conspiracy that they’re ignoring any kind of common sense and assuming that any major event on earth was somehow manipulated by “THEM”. The world is run by individual countries and human beings, believe it or not. There is no single governing body. When one body becomes too powerful, a war/revolution will eventually bring it down, as has happened to every past empire in history.

While I know that you’re going to say that I’ve been brainwashed by “THEM” (oh noes!), I’m going to post this in the hope that you will come to realize that maybe, just maybe, not everyone is a lying, underhanded, brain-washing manipulator.

Man Alden, you just rocked my world. you mean all this is not true?
I guess I can go back to sleep now!

On second thought, you sound like a plant, are you getting paid to scower the net and spread disinfo in posts like mine?
Do you work for the CIA? or the Pentagon?

No I guess not, cause you don’t seem to have a brain that functions anymore.
Let me guess, your teachers made your parents put you on Ridalin in grade school didn’t they?

I show you proof and all you can say is ant asshat can make a video showing lies,
I don’t need and can’t afford to waste time on sheeple like you, you are all ready a lost cause.

Just open your eyes and look around you, listin to what your representitives say, and not what the pundints translate to you.

Yes, nice personal attack.

“I show you proof and all you can say is ant asshat can make a video showing lies,
I don’t need and can’t afford to waste time on sheeple like you, you are all ready a lost cause.”

Also, nice job explaining how the hell any of this is proof. Defend your thoughts. Perhaps you could use a class on intellectual debates?

EDIT: Oh yes, and you also get a pat on the back for dismissing everything I said since I don’t agree with you. Bonus points for lack of any kind of civilized logical response as well.

Because you have no way to back up any of your information whatsoever, you have the need to resort to taking a stab at those who actually think for themselves by saying that they’re “a lost cause”. I love these responses, their nonsense makes me smile. Continue typing your angry rage to me, I could use one last laugh before I go for my bike ride.

I don’t think that its possible to resolve such disputes on a thread like this. The best way to really find out about such things is to get government jobs in areas of question. Of course, that’s not for most of us.


If you really believe all this, why share it here on this off-topic forum that is only going to be seen by Blender Heads? I mean, c’mon, nobody here is really gonna care one way or the other, especially you. You didn’t share to get it out there, because this is the wrong place to do that. You brought it up to cause a stir in the pot and see how much hullabaloo would rise up with people taking the bait to argue one way or the other.

Doesn’t matter anyway, in the long scheme of things. And attacking people over it is just plain silly - stop wasting time and get back to blendering, that’s what we are really here for anyway.

I wonder sometimes if off topic should be labeled ’ way - off topic ’ instead. Boy, way off.

The only proof you need that what I say is true, is that burning in your gut,
That is you sixth sense telling you, Danger Danger, something is dredfuly wrong going on in this world today.

Here is some proof,

Weatherman admits military test with chemtrails and heavy metals

And another one

Cancer in the vacines

Dangers of GMO’s

Stem cells and immortality

Now Alden, I used these exact key words and found millions of web pages,

From now on, you might try doing your own research, it is really as easy as asking Google a question.

Here is a great video on GMO

I wouldn’t be too concerned about chaff. It’s not a secret, and I doubt that it can hurt you. But I’m not saying that you shouldn’t worry about other things.

Weren’t you genetically modified from your parent’s chromosomes? This is really silly - the same as breeding dogs for better lines, the same as people marrying for traits they find attractive - all the same as pushing the food source toward traits that benefit the consumer.

sorry. last time i post on this thread. stop feeding the animals, right?

Wowsers dude!

you speaking for on behalfs of me ? I’s already assimilated by the guv’mint but still some brain cells left to thunk for meself. These few and ever declining brain cells still care.

Maybe here you dug yourself into a hole. Anyone who gets baited must care, it may be argued.

You’re wrong. I care about this subject as well and I believe it’s imperative that the American public see how corrupt their government is.

If you don’t care, then don’t post and go about your business. Let those who do care have their discussion.

After all, what do you care about what we choose to talk about?

Sorry, I guess I need to clarify my statement.

I mean no one will really care about the outcome of this thread, two or more sides to an argument that will never end.

And I believe if you really care, do something more productive with the energy to push the envelope other than just a 3d off topic forum - as heated as discussion goes, it generally goes nowhere here, but there are other forums and websites that would be better suited to raising the awareness of the masses concerning these topics.

I apologize for the unintentional slight towards others. I’ll think again next time before I vent.

Well, you’re on the right track. Still, many of these videos come from unreliable sources and/or are misinterpreted by those who post them on youtube and such. Most of them don’t cite their sources, and most those who do are just publishing for the controversy.

One of the videos did make a very good point- owning genes via patent is an incredibly chilling thought, and a very real threat these days. Fortunately, it’s never going to pass in the US legislature with so many conservatives around, and I think that other countries will understand the threat as well.

Yes, I’m very aware of stem cells. My mother was a former Stem Cell Transplant Coordinator at the local hospital, she loves to talk about that job and the possibilities of such technology. Because stem cell research is in its infancy, we’re not going to have to worry about extending life for a very long time, if ever. There’s so much misunderstanding about stem cells and how they are obtained that a significant amount of people oppose them, and lead to a lack of funds for those who were researching this topic.

ONE MORE EDIT: The point is, none of this really proves that there is a single governmental body controlling everything.