The Truth About Kitty


4 words - Good on you mate!
the ideas are quite funny, but it is sometimes a little hard to make out whats happening.
for a one - person [and one handed] project, it’s pretty awsome :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it. However, lack of features on the character makes it little bit difficult to follow. Perhaps you could take some liberties with kitty: make arms longer where appropriate, add mouth… I think that it would make animation better.


The tabloids are going to have a field day with this one! Killing bugs and drinking beer in a public scene? What is she going to do next!
In seriousness, the animation is good, but you messed up on one factor, the ladybug. When the ladybug open it’s outer layer with the spots decorating on it, that part never flaps. It actually has, like all flying beetles do, a set of wings underneath. So the next time you model a beetle, think about that. Overall, it had a light/dark kind of comedy feeling.

Also, this is Hello Kitty. It’s suppose to look like that.

Educational projects are good. Remember this is the first in a line projects, this is how you improve.

The most important thing here is motion. Even if Kitty moves in a “doll-style” it has to be better than this. I would´nt started with a doll - with motion but rather thinking real human motion and then “dollificate” it. Does this make sense to you? Like the scene where she is drinking beer. Dont know about you, but I drink beer with enthusiasm.
And even Kitty moves by touching the ground…

Now, what is your next project?


Véri nice! Technical and artistic.