The Tunnel

Hey everyone,

Finally finishing this tunnel scene that I’ve been using to learn more texturing techniques as well as learning how to model a car. I think I’m going to try to model in bits of trash and other debris. I had some digital product ads on the wall before, but they became distracting to my eye.

I also need to add motion blur to the wheels.



Nice work :open_mouth:. I can’t find anything I can/would do better.

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Thanks Cloud!

Composition and lighting looks nice.

Maybe a little more grunge on the tunnel walls, which usually are quite dirty.

I’m wondering also what are all these little things on the ground? They seem to be debris or some kind of gravel.
I feel it’s a bit off somehow. They are way too big. If you image is a modern car setting (I mean, it’s no post apocalyptic picture here), then why would this road be so dirty with gravels in a tunnel?
Appart of this, great work.

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Thanks for the feedback, Oli! I agree completely on your thoughts–the debris didn’t work out the way I had hoped it would. I’d still like to maybe add a little trash here and there and grunge up the walls for sure. I need to practice my texturing before I tackle those goals, though.