The Tunnel

Hello everyone! Back here with a new scene that took me a coupe days to make called “The Tunnel”
Had lots of fun making this in Blender and I hope you enjoy it too, let me know what you think of it in the comments
(FT. Laura Croft)


Just my thoughts - so much of the image is out of focus that I wonder if you are losing too much of the effect. Meant to be a constructive comment.

Okay, I ment to be focused on that one lamp not necessarily anything else, but thank you for the feedback!

Well, It’s just my opinion, but I will agree with comment above, too much out of focus. Also left side of the picture is empty and out of the focus - it is just nothing there. I will suggest you to read about composition balance and add something to left side to balance it. OR crop the picture; you want just lamp, cool, cut the left side of the picture and you will get nice result.