The Twin Villa

Hi, peace be upon you guys! This time I tried to create some visualization images of my office’s architecture project to show to the client. The project is a twin villa that has a similar facade. The buildings are modeled in Sketchup which then imported to Blender for rendering using Cycle. In this project, I realized that creating a render for a minimalist building is not that easy because you have to set the lighting and exposure the right amount to actually show the shapes of the building.

This image takes me a couple of hours to tweak, layout the scene, and render. The setup is pretty simple, just one hdri lighting from polyhaven. Download a tesla car from blenderkit. Set the camera resolution to square to give more space for the sky, and that’s it.

For this project, my boss asked specifically to make the villa looks fresher with a lot of greenery around. Thankfully I have the awesome Botaniq add-on that makes this job so much quicker. Otherwise, I would have to manually add them in post-pro. The only thing I did in post pro is to add the man to better convey the scale of the building.

For the render, I use 2048 by 2048 resolution with 32 samples and OpenImage Denoiser. It took me around 10 minutes on my laptop’s GTX 1050 card. So far I’m quite satisfied with the result, but I know in the future I would find these images awful and notice the problem here and there. So yeah, any criticism would be nice.

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