The Twitter Megathread

With Twitter becoming more and more mainstream everyday, I thought I’d start this thread for people to post their twitter usernames. Twitter is a powerful networking tool for connecting with others who share similar interests. As an example, here’s what everyone is saying in realtime about Siggraph.

By trading usernames we can quickly share blender tutorials, links and other related goss on the fly.

So don’t be shy, just give it a go! The possibilities are endless. Hopefully we can all learn something new from each other :cool:

Me: AndrewPPrice

Now you!

Apparently no one has replied yet;)

I don’t get the popularity of these social sites, like my mother, brother, and sister each have their own FaceBook. Maybe I’m resistant to getting pulled in to social sites like that, but then I go to this forum all the time:rolleyes:

heres mine:

i pretty much only made it because Jhonen Vasquez has one. :stuck_out_tongue:
thats right.
i’m a stalker.
ahaha. jk.

Yeah I can definately relate to that. I resisted the Myspace/Facebook trend for ages. But when I found out all my friends had one and were getting invited to parties through it, I signed up. Since then, my 60+ year old relatives in the UK have added me as friends. :eek:

Twitter is even more obscure: Text only. But when I found that you could search by keyword and instantly find people of the same interest, I was hooked. You can even use TweetBeep to send you an email anytime someone mentions your name, product, website etc. Which when you think about it, makes this an incredibly powerful marketing tool. I have no doubt that major companies worldwide are using this to eavesdrop on their market. :yes:

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I know this thread is incredibly old, and I probably should have just started my own thread, but here goes…

The age of the thread and the number of replies show one thing, which is pretty much save to say…
sorry trancerobot, but no one cares… =)

Twitter is a twisted form of digital exhibitionism, where people mistake their right of freedom of speech in a democracy with the thought that they have to have a opinion on everything, and even worse, that everyone else is intrested in it.

At least for the various intelligence services of all the countries it is nice, they don´t need to tail people anymore, they just read along what they are doing :slight_smile:

I was hoping to use it as a communications network between artists, but that does appear to be the opinion of anyone with more than a couple braincells.

I’ll see about deleting or abandoning my own account. Once again, sorry for the waste of time.

Huge potential for data mining due to centralisation and ubiquity of service, however, as with all ‘social sites’ Sturgeon’s Law is applicable and in full swing.