I am assuming everybody (who is interesting in LOTR) has seen the new Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailer.

Spectacular :o

I am drooling on my keyboard.

If you havn’t:


OI! I didn’t even know it was already online! Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Cool! I liked the first part. (Fellowship of the Ring) It was fresh and very well done! I hope they do as good a job with the second part!

I can’t wait fo rthis movie to come out. I am currently re-reading all of the books before the movies come out so I have a refreshed mind about the stories.

This is looking to be one awesome movie.


u rock! thanks for telling me! fellowship of the rings was one of the best movies ive ever seen!
1.matrix/fellowship of the ring… its a tie for first!
2.harry smokes more potter(seriously, this movie was really good :slight_smile: )
3.the crow
5.the two towers trailer, lol

woo! good movies!


i agree.

LOTR part I has awesome special effects. i recently saw SHREK. the best
animation movie i have seen.

:x :x :x I HATE YOU ALL!!! because of my stupid ass sister (who for some reason decided it’d be a fantastic idea to use MY computer to listen to her crappy hockey games over the net and whines like a biatch when i tried to watch the trailer because of the sound) i can’t watch it now! no… wait, i hate my sister… :wink: never mind. i don’t hate any of you, sorry for the excessive swearing.

the hatred builds up inside me. it makes me strong. one day i shall be consumed with anger and will strike her down, thus completing my journey to the dark side of the force.

Cool! Can you give me a lightsaber when you get there? (And no, I don’t want it stuck in my chest!) Must use it on my brother and Imgranpaboy, for the following post:

GGGRRR! YOU HAVE THE WORST TASTE IN FILMS! “Harry Potter” was good, and the rest of your films suck (though I haven’t seen “The Crow” or “Two Towers Trailer,” and the soundtrack for “The Matrix” rocked).