the two towers

i’m trying to duplicate product shots… any suggestions?

Is it just me or is there a line running through the image 3/4 of the way down?

Models look good . . . BTW . . . is the mesh on the front of the mac a texture, or an actual mesh. If it is a mesh, how do you do something like that?

i can’t see any lines myself, but i’ll keep an eye out for it. i did actually do a version where all the holes are modelled… it required a sick amount of duplicating and welding, but it looked very nice. but since i plan to use this in an animation i realized how inefficient that was, so i reverted to a texture which looks identical unless you get REAL close up.

and a bit of an update: i finished off the pc tower with a floppy drive!

Why is that PC 5 years old, and Mac brand new? :slight_smile:

Materials need some work - the side panel of the PC case is made of metal, and should have diffrent specularity settings.

Also the PC case is touching the floor, and it should have some “legs” (dont know how to call it in english :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Actually, the PC looks just about right (it does need those little rubber foot stubs though). My system looks similar and it’s not 5 years old. It’s homemade (about 2 years ago), but the case is still being sold to this day.

Also, the Mac G5 has had it’s case for some time now. You could even say that the old Blue and White G4 case looks new.

It’s all open to interpretation really.

thanks for the suggestions, guys. good point about the little feet stubs. i think mine came off a while back so thats why i missed that detail :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve had some other people mention the specularity issue on the pc case. it also has a fine bumpy texture, but i found it was hard to get the mapping of it consistent across all the different surfaces. perhaps i’ll play around with it a bit more though. just shot the dv footage of the mouse and keyboard portions of my short movie, so i’ll see how well my renders hold up against reality! as for the whole old vs new aesthetic difference, the idea of the project is a sort of surreal interpretation of how i found the transition from mac to pc, so my choices for towers were simply the pc tower that i had and the mac tower that i got. i’ll maybe update with a link to a rough cut of the project in a day or so… its sad how little these cg models actually factor into the final product. oh well, it was still fun!

the AO on the PC case is too hard, it produces to strong shadows.
the PC plastic shows hardly any plastic typical surface structure.
maybe try to put in a small noise bump map.

the G5 looks pretty good, just the highlight could be a bit stronger.
only the firewire und usb ports seem to be flat (maybe U use an image).
in case i am right, please model the structure. highlugts and shows will look

in general i have the feeling that you use hard edges for your modeling.
hard corners do not produce the typical edge highlights, you see in industrial produced objetcs.

check the right renderings (close ups) here.
as you can see there are beveled edges producing smooth and realistic
edges like i create in my metal work.

wtf cekuhnen you’re a drug genius!

i’m really curious on how did you come to such a “killer” idea!