The TX-130s "Jedi Tank"

Presenting a model never before seen in blender: The TX-130s Jedi Tank, as seen in the Clone Wars video game!

Ok, I made this in blender in about 3 hours. Believe it or not, this is my first real model besides a small space fighter thing that was horrible.

C&C are most welcome, since its the main reason I’m posting this. Anyway. Its not done yet, there’s still tons of detail I want to add, and…ick…texturing to do.

Anyway: Here be the links!

Let 'yer C&C rip out on me folks,


[Edit] Minor spelling errors fixed.

I’m up late and i only had time to look at one pic, but it looks very accurate. Add some more details and it will be great :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good… edges aren’t beveled, but it’s too late for that now. Trying to bevel them will probably ruin the mesh.

You need to set all the round places to autosmooth and maybe add more detail… hard to tell if more detail is needed without the texture.

Don’t worry: The Detail will come soon enough. I’ve been adding just a few things today, just small details. I will prbly start trying to texture it tommorow.
Unless there is someone here who is actually good at texturing and would like to texture this thing. I’ll give plenty of credit… like 60% (Ya, I hate texturing).

THanks for the comments, and Merry Christmas everyone. :smiley:

Update: Its bevelled and I added some missiles. Expect more later, such as some bolts and some plating.

well i’m waiting already a few days for your new updates…