the Typing of the Hell !!

was practicing typing yesterday

decided to make a game with the style of [totd]:[the typing of the dead]

download the file from the attachements

ok now , why don’t we gather a team and make the game like totd , you can see videos on youtube for reference .

the game needs a programmer with these missions

  • make the F1 F2 F3 F4 camera movements initiated with another condition that is
    typing the string that appears over the monster
  • the programmer make the enemy shoot or attack after some time interval of the state of “not typing the whole world yet” , each letter typed extends this time by 0.1 seconds
    i will animate and model everything , just use the cubes for now :smiley:
  • make the required word to type over the monster head and not on a static place of the screen .

here is a sample of my game-art from 2007 , you will be satisfied by my art !! :smiley: , it has improved , so that’s a reason to join the project !! :smiley:
we can work on our project in a separate forum , , that is if you only want :smiley: .

the project needs a good programmer , …
you can play with the blend and add things for it and upload it here … :smiley:

I feel very optimistic !!
so let’s get the party starting …


intro_type.blend (247 KB)