The Uccello Bianco Macaw Model

Hello Community!

I have returned, yet again, with another low poly model, im working on. I feel like making a normal ol’ Rainbow macaw would be sort of boring, even though it’s still a nice bird.

But i have a hobbit of making up species lol

This is…uh… well he actually doesnt have a name yet, but his species is called the “Uccello Bianco” Macaw. It is Italian for white bird :slight_smile:

I will be adding materials soon, to decide weather or not i want to texture him for better results. His feathers on his head are a separate object from his head, right now, but is planned to be joined together, soon. I am also having alot of trouble getting an eye socket modeled into his head for the eyes to be placed. If someone could give me feedback I’ll be very glad to hear some tips. His body will be done very soon.