The Ugliest (Retro) Spaceship Ever

Behold, if you dare:

No detail in the fuselage, and even a toy would have some minimal scratches, or stickers here and there. Pretty much a WIP, even if it’s the final version according to the guy who ordered it.

I know it’s supposed to be a toy, but I still went a bit overboard.

So… to tell the truth, I don’t know what to do with it next. C&C are welcome.

I think it looks great :X Could use a scene around it but apart from that…

looks good, but it does look a little too retro for my taste (but thats my opinion) keep up the good work

Yeah, It’s supposed to be this ugly :D. It’s for a retro sci-fi game, and I mixed the worst from spaceships from the 30’s down to the 70’s. Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Star Trek (they inspired the radar dish which I misplaced on purpose, trekkies need take no offense) – there are bits of everything there. Only the landing gear is copied from a real thing: air models.

I took all of that… and I made it uglier. If anything, I had lots of fun doing it.

Shot of cockpit, some extra tanks for good measure and “engine” (I wanted to put a V8 mockup up there, but this is enough “muscle car” mixed in).

The brushed metal can be seen more easily now. So, people, what direction should I take this now?

What direction? Into the ground, at escape velocity? :evilgrin:

You’re right, that is one UG-EL-LY ship! :eek:

Hehe. Sorry, I had to say it :yes: Love it. Loath it. Well, both. You really could work a bit more at making it uglier. The burnished bronze, uh… bandolier? for example. Much too pretty. Pretty useless looking though. Good on that. The hot-rod pipes coming out of nowhere and going into the nowhere else is pretty bad, but you could have had them sticking up into the air… or vacuum… And bigger, with a nice fat flair on the end. The complete lack of hull texturing or bump, and especially that plain green bubble canopy though… classic!
And the… airlock? that looks like it’s a plastic addon, hanging loosely off the side. Too good. Not too mention the dish, which would collapse the second it hits atmosphere! :RocknRoll:

Ha, Ill go slightly ugly. Overall, looking really good. If you can do it, a nice patchy metal texture would look nice…

Or something that attempts to look like a patchy panel texture… good call!

@dgebel: he he, thanks, I needed a laugh :smiley: The hot-rod pipes are pretty lame, of course, but you wouldn’t believe how bad some of the toys I based them on can be. So, props to you good eye for mechanical sense, those ARE absolutely dysfunctional.

Oh gosh that is one ship that I would not like to see fly.

Looks like someone took apart stuff and mish-mashed them together, at least this thing would be cheap.

What are you talking about? That thing looks awesome! It’s very much like a ship I was planning to put in one of my home movies, which was based on an old Buck Rogers ship with some Star Wars mixed in. Of course, I’m a fan of hulking Classic Star Wars/Starcraft Terran-type ships. For the next step, I would suggest making the back look heavier compared to the front (by adding more, not just resizing), and if those are doors on the sides, to make them somewhat bigger. The plate-metal texture mentioned ealier would be a nice addition.

Very nice modeling on the small parts; very complex!

man, I’ve been waiting for this… your work is the best of all the spaceships i’ve seen so far.
Apart from all other utopia-kind perfect war ships, this one dares to be UGGLY. Love it!

Don’t know what to do with it?

Take a look at some of the “steampunk” retro-scifi models they sell at : your Spaceship would fit right in there, and you could sell it!

Especially if you make sure that the parabolic whatnot can be retracted!

that is so perfectly retro that I am in awe!
You might consider adding a decal or two. Some Flash-Gordon-esque emblem, say a stylized lighting bolt, the planet Saturn, a simplistic rocket shape, or some combination.

Cooling fins. Definitely could use some cooling fins, somewhere. I’m thinking 57 Chevy fins. And some Nash Desoto Cruiserline Ventiports. You know, that useless little line of chrome rimmed holes in a row. And a wire antenna, running from a streamlined mast just behind the cockpit bubble to the rear fin. That’s one awesome ship. :yes:

I love it! This would look great in my brothers new miniatures game, Retro Raygun. You can read about it at :

I am working on modeling some of the figures in Blender for some animations. We were also talking about using rapid prototyping for some vehicles that were designed in Blender. Your’s would look great on a gaming table.

That bad-ass dude, great job.

if you get rid of the landing gear it would be badass. you could try some dust and stuff on the fusolage but i think its good with the clean look