The ugly one

Blender, Gimp
Cycles 1500 samples

It’s awesome.
There are few but:
( for Me ):

  1. Hat looks little bit like it’s shiny new, maybe if it was more like his coat.
  2. Necktie, pipe & eyeglasses holder look too glossy.

Overall, great job.


Pretty good overall. The face feels a little too smooth in places, but still good. A little more texturing on the hat would probably help. Everything about this seems to define the character, which I think is the strongest point.

this looks really familiar. like something I’ve seen on here before…

Fantastic work!! No critique, really, other than what has already been pointed out about the hat and tie being a tad too shiny.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll fix the issues and maybe render him from some different angles.

Wow, that looks so good:) Btw how did you render the beard in cycles?

It’s a particle system with type = hair and particles are rendered as objects picked up from the group

very nice, reminds me of hannibal lector :slight_smile: