The ultimate merge Make Human-Poser

Poser: hundreds of figures and clothes ready to be posed and just as many choices of ready made poses for those figures and allows you to make custom realistic hair…
problems- figures rather unrealistic, can’t make unique bodies (can, but it’s alot of work)

Make human: unbelieveably realistic start model with an easy to use modifing program to make unique muscles and layers of fat making it incredibly easy to create realistic unique humans.
problems- horrible to pose, no hair, teeth or eyes…but what if they got together?

I would find the result most likely irrsistable. And no doubt the result would be a program more compatable with our beloved Blender

Make Human guys, you and the Poser guys must meet!

now that I have Breeze maybe I can get those Poser meshes into Blender and use this info to hook it up to Make Human… not good enough! But a compromise I guess

I haven’t been here for awhile, so I guess I missed this post originally.

As far as the poll goes, I would answer “Maybe…”

As you pointed out, they both have pros and cons. I don’t know if I would call Make Human “unbelievably realistic” when compared to Poser. They are both tools, and the results you get from them will be proportional to the amount of time you put into learning them and making them work. i.e. the more you practice with the tool, the better your results will be

Poser has been around quite awhile and has a good community behind it. Some people have put in the time and got so good, they started to make clothes, hair, characters, targets, etc that they are able to put them on a CD and sell them, or at least provide them to the community online.

Blender has been around quite awhile and has a good community behind it also, but MakeHuman is just one part of the Blender community, and a fairly recent one at that (I’ve been using Blender off and on since v1.8, and I don’t think MakeHuman came out until v2.1* or 2.2*). Some people have put in a lot of time with MakeHuman, and some people have even put some of their creations online for others to use (shameless plug -

AFAIK, Poser doesn’t have a version for linux, so that’s the dealbreaker for me. If they had a linux version - at a reasonable price - then, I would consider buying it.

MakeHuman will run on any OS that has Python and runs Blender, which is a whole lot more than Poser.

At the moment, MakeHuman suffers from the fact that it is new(er). Not many people have heard of Blender, let alone MakeHuman. IIRC, the MakeHuman team was working on a standalone version to run independently of Blender. This may or may not help, I guess it will depend on what the finished project is like.

I think the biggest thing to help MakeHuman will be people taking it and doing beautiful things with it…and then posting them online outside the Blender community. At the moment, Renderosity and renderotica come to mind. Poser Forum Online (PFO) used to be a cool site akin to what Elysiun is for Blender, but I can’t find it and suspect it is no more :frowning:

Also, having people make stuff like clothes, hair, targets, etc and posting them for others to use would probably help out a lot. Blender/MakeHuman is great because you can create the clothes, etc within the same interface, while with Poser you had to export the model to an external modeller, create your clothing mesh and then import back into Poser.

While I think Elysiun and the whole Blender community is great I think MakeHuman might benefit from a community of it’s own. Or at the very least it would be nice to see some MakeHuman specific contests to spur development from people who are fans, but not involved with MakeHuman development. If they are out there, I must have missed them. I think building the community/fanbase of MakeHuman could turn MakeHuman into a PoserKiller :stuck_out_tongue: (Now I have this image of the basic MakeHuman attacking the basic Poser :o )

I’ve rambled on long enough.

There has been significant documentation of the poser format. Enough that we can probably create a mostly working importer and exporter. (I can provide the links to the documentation of the format if there is interest as well as links to four ‘free’ complex human models for testing)

I’ve done a tutorial called ‘makesphere’ that teaches you how to use makehuman with other objects.

Once we do an importer for Poser (right now we can import the Obj natively, but we can’t yet directly import the texture, morph targets, armature, or animations.) it would be easy to use with makehuman.


Also other aspects,

  1. Fiber 3.0 should allow the creation of excellent hair
  2. My sculptmesh script already allows me to work on models of Poser complexity. Right now I don’t have mirroring, which is a significant short coming. There is a plan to make sculpt mesh native (Ie coded in c and as a mode) for 2.36, so I’m a bit reluctant to do too much more on the python side of things. Anyway this type of tool is the prefered method for making morph targets. It is also the prefered method for making wrinkles and folds in cloth.
  3. If Zaz pops up again, he was very far along with his new cloth tool. Alas he has been unreachable for months. However, barring that the ‘soft body dynamics’ should be fairly good enough in 2.36 for basic cloth.
  4. 2.36 will have a major rewrite of the animation code similar to the loving that has gone on in 2.35 for the edit tools (ie expect big improvements).

The paint tools are still in need of quite a bit of work. Hopefully the sculptmesh write will have a postive knock on effect on the paint tools.

Anyway, the only big piece of the puzzle missing is native import and export of poser models.