The Ultimate Weapon

Hey guys, thought I’d share this with you. Still have a lot of work to do but I like the direction it’s going. We’ve got a lightsaber, ring of power, neurolizer (Men in Black), Death Star, Indiana Jones’ whip, and a phaser. C&C welcome.


interesting. not sure what it is, but to me it looks like a microphone of some sort. but, i see your intentions are combining all of those items listed above, and i had to look at it for a bit, but i see all of them now. and, good job on it. pretty creative way to put all those together like that.

now, you don’t need an action belt!

If you could find a way of including some good ol’ Chuck Norris roundhouse kick in there, it would be perfect! : ) It is looking very cool!

Add a stock, and make it Chuck’s foot!

i want to see the roundhouse kick too. Please add it :wink: without it it wouldnt be the ultimate weapon. Because Chuck Norris is the Ultimate Weapon :evilgrin:

Quick update.

Naturally I just haven’t gotten around to adding the “Chuck Norris Leg Brace” yet. This will allow the user to cycle between a variety of Chuck Norris style kicks. No ultimate weapon would be complete without it.

Still looks like a microphone, but that will change.


I was thinking if Chuck Norris is the ultimate weapon why not model it after him. Then you’d want a decent reference image. Naturally you’d go to Google to search for Chuck Norris photos only to find this :

Cool mic…err… gun… if you need a trigger, add the ring to rule them all… So you’ll have the Ring on you when you shout, and even give round house kicks from the evil dimension!
Or use it as a Chuck Norris mic… Ah forgot the immortal is the quiet type fighter!.. If only he was like his rival B. Lee…

Another update with an iPhone this time.


Maybe add a pen. You know the saying: “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

Made a few tweaks and figured out the final composition:


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