After about a month or 2, I have made the all in one, realistic ULTRATERIAL! With even more than the Principled BSDF shader and more realistic,this material has it all:
Normal/Bump Amount
Normal/Bump Distance
Emmision Strength
SSS Color
SSS Scale
SSS Radius
SSS Texture Blur
Alpha Color
Flat Color
Translucency Color
Hair (Changes if Hair or Main)
Hair Radial Roughness
Hair Coat
Hair Offset
Hair Random Roughness

All in 1 NODE!!!
DISCLAIMER: Only looks good if you use it right. If used incorrectly may turn out bad.
You can download it here, so get it before I decide to pay you!
Please criteque and compliment my material in the comments below!


I just need to look at the image to wonder if your new material has issues with energy conservation (because the image using the principled shader actually looks better from a visual perspective).


Man, I get that you shoved all the nodes into that one node, but this is a mess.

Your specular value is hooked up to a mix color node in such a way that it does nothing at all. There are so many hard-coded mix shader nodes. You are mixing colors and shaders in a way that doesn’t work.

No offense, but it doesn’t really look like you know what you are doing here.

I would recommend taking a step back, and starting with much simpler node groups until you get a handle on the technique a bit more.

But it doesn’t look good for a realism standpoint, as lego is made of plastic and… you know… not metal. And I dont know why that e.c. happens.

  1. Just dont look inside! Its clean until you look inside.
  2. I used the mix color node at a point, but then decided it didn’t look good, so I stopped using it. I must not have deleted it fully.
  3. I’m not good at making node setups unless its simple, or I have a tutorial.
  4. It used to be just color,spec and roughness, metallicness. and the normal/bump settings (without the Distance setting), then I started adding on. I used a Principled node for reference on what to have, so I guess I did start small.