The Underland Project_old

This will be a very big fan project that I’ll be working on in the next few years.

My aim is to visualize the world of Suzanne Collins’ series, The Underland Chronicles, through Blender artworks and animated shorts and short films.

This is also my way of practicing my skills as an artist, a writer and a filmmaker. Since a lot of process will be involved in this project, I know that as I work on it, I’ll be learning a lot.

So yeah, If you wanna follow my progress, just watch this thread or something. I’ll be updating this every time I make progress.

Go here to know more info about it:


My workflow for this one is: Pick a scene(from the book), make concepts, make Blender Artworks, Make animations, repeat.

First, I’ll work on “Beeg Bug!”

I’ll be preparing model sheets, for Gregor, Boots and Temp Then model each.

okay I look forward to your far work. I like the colors of the art piece you have chosen

Thanks! The color may vary however as the project transfers from Gimp artworks to Blender artworks to Animations. hehe.


I’m pouring a lot of concept arts to heighten up the spirit of the project and to just have the art I’m aiming for to really sink in. hehe. Really needs a lot of motivation for this one.

“Queen Luxa”, Gimp Art

“Gregor and Ares”, Gimp Art

I also started on some model sheets for Gregor but I’m not yet satisfied with the look so I’m not gonna start modeling yet.

So yeah, that’s all for now. Over and Out.

Looking forward to it.


I’ll be starting on Modeling Gregor next week:

Then Boots:


I’ve just finalized Gregor’s look and will be modeling him next week:

I’ll also start on Boots after him:

I’ll also be making a timelapse video of the modeling process. :slight_smile:

That’s all for now. Over and Out.

Timelapse video’s are completely worthless to anyone but the one making them. Is the point to pass on some knowledge or simply show how much you know. They are worthless and not even worthy of anyone’s time. If you want to make a tutorial then make a tutorial.

I don’t think that’s true to everyone. There are a lot of people who actually prefer watching timelapse videos and learn from them. I myself learn a lot just by watching timelapse videos of animations and modeling. Anyways, I’d be happy to make a tutorial, if anyone wants to clarify something after watching the timelapse videos. :slight_smile:

Guy, any tutorials would be appreciated. At 77 I can’t imagine anyone getting useful information our of a timelapse.

Timelapses are good for broad strokes in the work flow, but not terribly good if you need specifics :slight_smile: - Something to say for both sides.

I used to prefer non-timelapses, and I suppose to some extent I still do, but I do appreciate looking at timelapses to get a general feel of how to proceed and see that my efforts will eventually end up in something useful :stuck_out_tongue:

PHEW! Been a while since I updated here but I made great progress since the last time.

First off, here’s my workflow for the project:


And here’s PART 1 of the Tutorial/Timelapse video of Modeling the first character:


That’s all for now!


I atually made lots of progress already! Made concept arts on some characters and here’s a GIMP art to showcase the finished character design:

You can download that as a wallpaper FOR FREE here:

Also! The 2ND PART of the Tutorial/Timelapse video is up!

Watch it here >>

I’m almost done with the model on the first character and I might post the next part tomorrow. XD

Hopefully the tutorial/timelapse video gives you something. hehe.

Here’s my progress on the Gregor model, so far. What do you think?

PART 3 of Modeling Gregor The Overlander is up!

WATCH HERE >> [video][/video]

In this part, I added limbs to Gregor(No hands and Feet). :slight_smile:

PART 4 will be coming tomorrow. It will show how I modeled the Hands and Feet. :eyebrowlift2:

SO far, here’s my progress on the model:

And this will be my last update about the project for this year. There will be more progress NEXT YEAR! :yes:

And PART 4 is up!


This would be my last update on the project because the next parts will come next year. SO YEAH!


PHEW! Almost forgot to update here. Hehe.

NEW YEAR HAS COME! And I’ve actually made progress on the project already. Let’s jump right into it!

Almost done with the Gregor model!

Just recently done the hair, but I might still make some changes.

Also done on one of the tut/timelapse videos showing how I model Gregor:



I will be heading into texture mapping soon! Then rig him then put some clothes on him. :slight_smile:



The models look pretty good, and the hair-combing is impressive. I assume you are using the Blender internal-renderer? From personal experience, I’m not sure this will work too well if you’re going to be working on this project for the next few years. In a few years your skill level will probably be much better, and you will not want to use the same models. I also think that the quality of the last pictures and animations will be a lot better than the quality of the first, and they will not all fit together very well. Not to discourage you though, it might work fine.
Good luck on your project!

Yeah! I actually considered that to happen and I don’t really mind. Hehe. I actually started this project in hopes of seeing my growth visually. So it doesn’t matter whether the first products of the project looks inferior than the future ones. Also, I’m currently not well-equipped to push my works further, visually. So for the the initial results of this project I’m actually planning to just render them using Internal. (Until I get an upgrade…hehe/) And just really try to be creative to make its final form look good. And yeah, despite (hopefully) growing my skills someday, I might still give the models consistent looks and probably, if I grow, just give the future ones better topology. XD AND THANKS! I’ll try my best finishing one scene this year for this project and if it gets good reception, I might move on to the next scene right away. Hehe. :slight_smile: