The United States of Suzanne. Camera tracking.

Here’s a recent camera tracking test using some stock video. I had trouble guessing the focal length until I used the Refine Focal Length feature and it did a good job of getting it. Without an accurate focal length, I couldn’t get the 3D model of the pedestal to line up with the one in the video.

Steve S

dont know… but i’m pretty sure that video is racists somehow…
think i hear a dog whistle.

Nice. Great track. Maybe some color grading to get that monkey to sit a little better in the shot. But all in all, I think it’s one hell of a start. Clever idea.

Thanks for the comments. I did color grading to match the bluish haze of the video. Suzanne was originally greener.

Steve S

everything looks great. tracking, color correction
reminds me of Planet of the apes

How did I not think of titling it that? Especially since I was a huge Planet of the Apes fanatic when I was a little kid in the early '70s.

Steve S

Nice concept and track. Suzanne might need a tiny bit of motion blur.

Haha nice idea and result! :smiley:

Thanks again for the comments. I did a quick test using a Vector Blur node and even with the blur maxed out, there was no noticeable motion blur. It’s moving too slow to be of any value.

Steve S

very nice! it’s a cool idea! yeah blender!


“Oh-h say, can you see? A mon-key on (what rhymes with ‘see’)?”