The Univ. of the Internet!

…so I was wondering what the state was of, of modern university 3Ducation? After Youtube? Has it all gone to Youtube? - makes sense cause it’s FREE over there, and Worldwide. But there are “problems”, because you need someone marking you, holding your hand, giving you assignments and saying “you did a good job here” when you did - even though even THAT functionality can/is largely been overtaken with sites just like this one, where you can get crits! But I was wondering if even the Blender Foundation has taken any steps in this regard? Like imagine, wouldn’t it be cool to have TON give you 3D homework?? :slight_smile: What we need is Youtube + assigments, so I was wondering if anybody out there has done anything in this regard, because you just can’t beat the PRICE TAG of the Internet (naturally). Can anyone weigh in?

Have you considered a blog? All these great ideas you have could then be kept in one spot, for any interested party to browse whenever they desired!
Failing that, there’s always Twitter.

It’s my opinion that what you need isn’t youtube with assignments (from… Ton, for some reason?), it’s just Youtube and practice. If you need someone holding your hand, you pay for education or mentorship, but there has never been so much information out there to guide you

By “great ideas” you mean…? Youtube + assignments? Well, that’s pretty obvious, I woulda thought - I DO have a blog actually, but not a 3D one (how would people FIND that blog???) No, a lotta people DO need assignments - some way to -force- you to get your butt down and DO the work. I’m maybe one of them :laughing: Though TRUE artists and truly Motivated artists may be less inclined to need such things, yes.

“for some reason”? :slight_smile: Come on, dude, the guy -started- all this stuff - that would just be ULTRA cool! :slight_smile:

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To drop in again on this thread, what we need is a WEBSITE - like, to do for CG what Khan Academy is for Maths. ie. GRADED, in one place, and with assignments/crits, like I said. Come on, who wants to build one? :slight_smile: There’s Gotta be web devs here, so… (there might be MONEY in this, ya know? :slight_smile: )