The Universe Within

Just close your eyes, everything you see is yours, noone can take this universal gift away from you. Look deep, deeper, inside yourself, everybody has his/her own universe of beauty within. Once you realize your dreams are your destiny and your destiny is what your dreams are you get stronger in vision and can follow the path that is your own. You meet good souls and evil spirits all along the way, but in the end it is your own decision who you join and share some time with and who you stay away from and leave behind. Some people deserve a second chance, but just don’t make it look like an accident, especially when it is way out of character for you. Rather open your heart for those that deserve it and show them you like them and don’t be that strict to them and especially not to yourself.

made with
Blender 2.80 /// Cycles
Video + Music /// Toxic Tuba

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Also find my previous animation with lots of particles here:


Looks great.

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thank you :slight_smile: