The unofficial Benchmark .blend

I have made a benchmark blend to compare the performance of different computers and eventualy between different blender versions. i have finished the render in the blender internal renderer and im starting the yafray render after ive posted this.

you can download the file here:

here is the result of the blend in blender internal:

it took two hours six minutes and three seconds (02:06:03.65) to complete on a intel celeron 500 mhz with 320 mb ram. os is windows 98 SE and blender version 2.34.

I think you’d need a smaller render time than that for a benchmark. My computer is a P4 3GHz processor with a radeon 9600 video card, 512MB DDR ram. With these specs in mind it would probably take 1/2 an hour to an hour to render that, and I’m NOT going to waste that amount of time to see how well my computer handles blender.

I think a reasonable benchmark should take less than 5 minutes on my computer.

But for interest’s sake, I’ll download it anyway and see what I get.

yes i think that too now. ill lower the subsurf level to get lower render times with yafray and blender internal although i get render times of 2.5 minutes in yafray if i set the GI quality to none. ill see.

yep, took about 30 minutes in Blender Internal. That’s too long, in my opinion.

I’ll lower the subsurf as well and see what happends. :wink:

well i have uploaded a version with some more gentile settings. here it is:

it takes 4 minutes with Yafray to render on a machine with firefox open too. blender internal still rendering.

Took me about 55 mins on Athlon XP 2400+, 256mb DDR-ram, Geforce 4 mx, Blender 2.34. Don’t know how much the result was affected by having several other programs running in the background, though:/

the new version should be a bit faster but AO is a bit inefficient. makes a nice picture though.

but it takes blender internal way longer to finish then with yafray.

Blender 2.34 internal, Dual Xeon 3.02Ghz, 1Gb RAM, Win2K: 28 min, 34 sec.

With the “Unified Render” button depressed: 8 min, 39 sec.
(due to the ao/osa bug in 2.34 standard release)

[edit] I do notice some difference in quality on the 2nd (quicker) run, tho [/edit]

btw, mifune, on the first version (at the top) you had it set to render yafray, so I fired it up and hit F12 and it starts in with yafray render… fyi.

[edit again!]-----------------------------
Version 1.1 Renders:
default: 11 min, 13 sec
with Unified pressed: 2 min, 42 sec

BUT… here’s the quality difference!:

and with UR pressed:

You can see there’s a good reason for the speed increase… I don’t know what’s up there :expressionless: …?


yes. that is because i tweaked photons and i had set the quality to best at the last minute. i can fix that if you want. the drop in quality is probably the downed subsurf level.

now ive deselected AO. its going a lot faster. render time 5 minutes. ive set subsurf to 4 again and im going to test it first before i upload it as v1.2 .

that second render looks like **** (fill in your selve). with AO deselected it is a lot faster and it looks more like the yafray one but then a bit more unreal. maybe someone could run it through the latest cvs build. ill run it through my own but i dont know if its the latest (got it from the thread in the news and chat forum.)

I agree! The thread on I linked to above describes some of what’s going on… I don’t understand it. I think Ton’s doing a lot of “rewriting” of the ao and osa code these days…

yeah, that would be good to try, but I don’t know if they’ve finished that part of things yet. I like your concept of seeing everyone’s time on the standard 2.34 release, tho. It makes benchmarking easier to evaluate. It will be nice to be able to compare to the next “official” release, as well. You start mixing in a bunch of cvs builds and .blend file versions, things will get muddled fast.

i said someone. just to try if the quality is better.

after the tweaking with the great help of you guys ill release a version for benchmarking. that is the new one. it has the following changes: AO is turned off and subsurf is set back to 4.

aargh. in the newer blender version it looks like the **** render. it was finished in half the time of 2.34 but it looks more crap.

i used version 1.1 of my benchmark blend

yafray quicker??

my yafray takes 5-6 times longer then the internel renderer,.

but this is on my own models, have not done the test yet, do it in a minute

this are the results of the benchmark:

Blender internal:

time: 20 minutes


time: 5 minutes

New .blend-file results:

Blender - 8min 14s
Yafray - 1min 47s

Athlon XP 2400+(1.8ghz)
256Mb DDR
Geforce 4 MX
Blender 2.34

i did some thinking and i think it would be interesting to make a graph in exel wich compares the render speed with the processor speed. but to make it reliable i need a fair amount of testers. thank you in advance.

the version you should use: (86 kb)

well if you do a file that takes about 1-2 mins to render in blender internal.

Label it Blender Benchmark 3. then we will call it official LOL
(assuming i have the aurthority to make it official)
a website with a simple input field might work ok, just input your system specs and the render time then hit submitt and it goes to a webpage.

i have benchmark 1 and 2 hosted on my site still. if someone want to do that and make somthing like that, then i am happy to host it all.

Alltaken :smiley: