The unofficial Yafray guide - NOW in PDF

Hey guys,

I had written a tutorial on yafray, you can all thanks to eeshlo, its because of him I was able to start and write this stuff.

I would love feed back on improvement, corrections, whereever required.


Very good :slight_smile:


Although I haventthe timeto go deep into the tut, it looks REALLY well done . Very nice!
Any chance of providing a .pdf? (yeah, I know, always gimme, gimme, gimme…)

Nice. I did not use yafray before, the detailed tut is very helpful. Do you mind:
1.sharing the blend file used in this tut
2.if I translate it to Chinese when I have the time
Hope to listen from you. :slight_smile:

very nice to have. i like knowing whether what I am doing is my fault or how the renderer works and how to set things up.

Cool! 8)

This really helps me take that big first step into Yafray.


Is there anyway you could put this in printable html format or pdf? I like to print out tutes and the right side of the page will get cut off if I print it as it is displayed on the site.

this should become a chapter in the blender manual [>]
…and yes, .pdf /printable would be nice.

great work, thx for the effort!

Thanks stefano :slight_smile:

UglyMike That is no a problem actually gimme gimme is good. Wait what I ask you soem times :wink: I will try to make the pdf in, but gimme some time :wink:


  1. Ok I will provide the blend file but I wont give you all the textures as the size would increase greately however the textures I have used are from the site clled ‘mayang textures’’ the link will be available in under resources section, and they are free too.

  2. You go ahead and translate in chinese, (hey I didnt new I have some neighbours :wink: ). Pm me if you have any queries.

SamAdam Mee too, I can focus clearly if I know what I am doing, fortunately writing tutorials make you think clearer and I think I am on the right track :wink: thanks

Laurifer Great to hear that, hop in… :slight_smile:

SHABA1 AOK I will do as soon as I can :slight_smile:

birras Thanks but I still have to improve this a bit, there are areas which I think I can explain better and add a few things, this is ver 1 no so hopefully by time it will acquire enough material for future blendermanual edition. Yes you will get then pdf but jut wait for a while :slight_smile:



no, I mean seriously, there are add-ons to the on-line manual done all the time, and once your next/better version is out you can just up-date it.

just take it easy… :wink: thats how most work gets done funny enough :slight_smile: just by taking it easy, step by step…done…heh :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

gaurav, it would appear that you are a hit. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

From a clueless user


here is the link to the pdf file of this tutorial.

Thanks I just printed it out and will read it tongiht.

Thanks dreamgate, that was fast :slight_smile:

birras Thanks for motivation, :slight_smile: I will look into it.

toloban Most welcome :slight_smile:

dreamsgate Apparently I would appreciate that the Tutorial is Hit with the ones needing it, but I wont mid that too :wink: and why not “Voices were correcting my mistakes” :wink:

As a heavy user of Yafray… thank you!

A request for future editions (or additions):
How to tweak Blender material settings for use with Yafray. I find setting up materials to be the trickiest and most time-consuming part of using Yafray, because there is no material preview. If you can do that, then may all your future artwork be of surpassing excellence for 10 years! :stuck_out_tongue:

and here is the blend file used in the tutorial

oh man… I think I am gonna use yafray for now one ^_- its lighting isway faster then blender when you want area lights…

My only question is it possible to use photons to radiosity renders in blender to yafray.

:x I am logged in but it still tells me that I have to be registered to acces the file :frowning:

BTW any chance if a section on caustics