The untouched Zen-Garden of Alli Ursch

Decrypt the description of your inner inscription by translating Science Fiction into old Egyptian. Do your thing with paint and ink, ride your scooter so bright and pink, paint a purple rose that disappears so fast you can’t say to her ears everything you want her to hear and see but you still smell the lovely smell of roughly a hard to tell amount of sweet petals in the air around. Where the wind blows the petals it sings the song of a future that grows where it settles. A new wife, a new life, a new dawn, a new spawn. Under the blanket in your cloudy bed you draw a beautiful sunset in bright scarlet red.

Animation /// Music /// Text : Toxic Tuba

Made with Blender 2.90.1
Rendered with EEVEE
Color Grading done in After Effects
Music written in FL Studio

EEVEE render times with rocks and textures: ~ 1m30s per frame
EEVEE render times wireframes: ~ 4s per frame
Work time creating all this: a lot!
Cycles renders took more than 2h per frame, so obviously I optimized for EEVEE
Filesize of all the frames as PNG images: 9,7 GB
Filesize of the resulting rendered video: 213.3 MB

Low growth made with the Graswald addon
Trees made with the The Grove addon
Mushroom meshes:
Rock texture:

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