The UVanimation fix in 2.25 (is it?)

(Sutabi-old) #1

Wasn’t it finally added back in 2.25? and how do i use it…(in the game engine)

I really want todo a realtime animtion in the game engine i know everything i really need to know for it but it would be nice if teh UVanimation thingy acurally worked! The i could have my char with blinking eyes, moving lip, and well an overall expression (think lipsync for realtime! since .wav file can be played in there ^^) it like the cheapway of making a movie but in realtime. Although blender is no where near fast heh ^^.

(kEinStein) #2

If you mean “animated uv textures” with uv-animation then it is fixed in 2.25 and works pretty fine. Take a look at

(Yamyam) #3

Publisher’s animation texture is simple like the GIF animation. If you want to make that you said, I think you can use the eeshlo’s UV texture animation script.