The V-Ray.exe project

The V-Ray.exe project

After being on the market for nearly 3 years, the V-Ray for 3dsmax™ renderer has won a major share of the 3rd party renderers market. It has become the renderer of choice in major production studios as well as smaller companies and free-lancers. Click here to read about it and more of it here and here.
Vastly used for architectural visualizations, broadcasting, numerous presentations and in the entertainment industry it has laid out new standards for high quality and speed combined in one powerful plugin for the 3dsmax™ platform. This complex system has evolved through the years and is ready to make the next step.
We present the new V-Ray project - the V-Ray.EXE. A new project that will evolve as a standalone application, not bound to any 3D package. It will have connections to Alias Maya™, discreet 3dsmax™ and probably more in the future.
We have just started with a very simple application - that shows only the basic V-Ray core speed. It is not yet The Standalone version of V-Ray. From this day on we will add more features on a daily basis and you maybe surprised to see how much it will evolve in the next weeks and months, until it reaches and surpasses the current V-Ray for 3dsmax™.

Download VRAY.EXE for free File Version Last updated Download link
V-Ray.exe 0.01.20040715 2004 Jul 15 Click here to download
V-Ray help 0.01.20040715 2004 Jul 15 Click here to view
Models library
Geometry exporter for 3dsmax™ use V-Ray 1.45.70
Geometry exporter for Maya™ 0.01.20040715 2004 Jul 15 Click here to download

PC - windows only ! :frowning:

OMG! Imagine if we could use Vray-Free with Blender.
Vray is a SERIOUSLY good renderer, I’ve used that renderer
with 3dstudio max 4 before, and it’s about the only thing that
I miss with 3dstudio max…using Vray!

what specificly makes it good?

My my. Look at that gallery.

Is it the gallery that makes it good?

I see alot of awesome models in there, but I don’t think the renderer did them…

So, tell me. What’s this renderer got that other tracers dont?

Looking at the gallery, the renderer seems quite capable. Looking at the feature list, it seems fast and efficient. Putting the two together, it seems to be a good renderer… it’s not everyday that you get a renderer that can produce good quality images efficiently.

Might be worth keeping an eye on, if it is free.

Alright it actually says “fast” a couple of times in the featurelist, but I’m not convinced. :slight_smile:

Heh. You all are quite touchy about your precious blender, eh? Blender is great. I have quite a lot of fun with it. I quite enjoy it. That doesn’t mean that everything else out there is bad.

V-Ray is a good render, due to its features and its speed. It is a fast renderer. I’ve seen it in action. Whatever. Blender rocks.

Problem is, it is PC-Windows only. Blender is runned on more platforms than that. That means that if support is added to another renderer, it shoud run on all.

From the features list, it seems quite capable, but does it really offer more than Aqsis or Toxic ? Those are at the renderman standard which means , that once one is fully supported, supporting other renderman compatible will be easier.

Toxic isn’t Renderman compliant.

but does it really offer more than Aqsis or Toxic ?
You’re comparing apples to oranges.

Aqsis is a Renderman complaint renderer, whose power is derived largely from programmable shaders, and the power afforded by the Renderman standard.

Toxic is a physically-accurate renderer, which produces photo-realistic results, but is very slow. Accuracy over speed.

V-Ray is a general-purpose renderer, capable of photorealism, and has the speed advantage. It strikes a fine balance between quality and speed, which many people may find useful, if an export script or something to that effect, is developed.

Does it offer more? That depends on what you want to do with it.

My experience with V-ray (the time I used it) was that I achieved
better lights and better overall “color-balance” and temperature
when I created works with it.

It was also easier to use if you wheren’t a lighting genious.
Sure you can come to the same results if you work like mad
with the scanline renderer…but sometimes …thats time we
can’t afford…especially on a production deadline…and all
the employer want’s to see are high-quality renders that
look like a million bucks :slight_smile:

Just for a color example, take a look at this image I created
with Vray some time in the “hey-days” when I used 3dstudio
max, The whole scene is simple, but the shading is very
high-quality…and the scene was done in less than 3 hours
everything included…I could not have done the same thing
with the 3dstudio max scanline renderer (at that time),
and certainly not Blender:

Only lately I’ve been able to “near” this color-quality with depths
and shading with Blender, but that’s with the pre-releases of
Blender 2.34 (2.33 version 8), but still not the same quality or
better. Vray would be a godsend for Blender.

I much prefer modelling with Blender instead of Max.

ive used vray with with 3ds max before also, and well i really wasnt that impressed with it
as far as plugin renderers go its nothing sppecial
however if we could get brazil r|s to work with blender…

Vray won’t make it into blender, unless it becomes crossplatform. Since one of the BF’s guidelines, is to keep every different OS version of blender equal.

But it does look nice :slight_smile:

That’s not absolutely true unless you add “as much as possible”.


I don’t know how V-Ray.exe works, but if it is something like Yafray, then im sure an exporter can be used to try and use it. There is nothing wrong with writing a script to support this even if it is only windows. That is like punishing windows users just because some of the software available isnt avaiable in Linux or on Macs.

I’m for all the support we can get going for external raytracers. Then the users can make a choice based on what they want to use it for.

If someone write a script as individual effort, the script will be written, no problem.

But, and it’s an important but, with the choice of free and multi-platforms renderers available, most of them open-source and powerfull, there is no reason to focus work on a commercial closed app which will not benefit to all users. In any case, I dont see why this should be endorsed by bf.

We have currently internal and yafray as main, there is also POV, aqsis in the builds, all those are available on any platform blender support.
You can think also of 3Delight, toxic, kray and all renderman capable, there is a lot of choice to take from. list 37 free renderers most of them multi-platform

A script to export from Blender to VRay.exe would be great!