"The Vault" - Spaceship

Here is my latest… testing thingy. I experimented with various of plugins (such as discombobultaro), texturing styles (uv mapped multilayered… things)… yaddayaddayaa…

Anyway… i give you “The Vault”…


Simple but effective :slight_smile: Reminds me of the kha’ak from the X series for some reason…

Yeah… i guess it looks a bit like Khaak now that you mention it :smiley: … they had bit similar cubic modular design.

It’s the Allspark! XD

LOL!:eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift: thats what i thought. pretty nice:yes:

Outstanding effects, and you apparently have discovered how to do this easily with Blender’s built-in tools.

If you were ever inclined to create a tutorial, I’d read it.