The Vertex that refuses to deform

:x My problem is that on my Lenny model, I have a vertex that wont deform as well as the others. I am certain that I assigned all the verts to the vertex group but when I rotate, it wont move. It isn’t assigned to any other bone, and I have checked the weight. I even deleted the vertex then recreated it. Still to no success. Here are the screenshots

gee thanks, yeah I will try that. Oh wait, doing nothing doesn’t fix the problem


When you tell us you’re sure it’s in a group and you’re sure it’s not in 2 groups and you’ve done all the tests to outfox it, then we think “hey, this guy knows his stuff. I must remember to PM him when I have problems with groups and weights.”
So send me the file ([email protected]) and I’ll see if I can find a “tol’ ya so”


Yeha ok I’ve sent you the .blend file

There are actually 3 verts in the head that are also assigned to Bone.042.


oh, thank you so much Fligh!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: