The Veteran

My first render for the year 2012:eyebrowlift:


Lot of good solutions here.

  1. you know how to project photos - UVs
  2. How to make a decent unwrapping (shirts) (My critique here is that shirts have seams by their nature. You need visible seams LOL, (one of the few cases that they have to )
  3. I like the character and the whole concept-pose. Wonderful modeling on eyes, simple, clean and effective sculpting on the face.

But… I don’t like the render… it’s killing your creation.
You can use a more dramatic lighting, casted shadows. I need to see heavy shadow casting, especially under the helmet area. This will present these beautifully made eyes.

one thing you may also consider is that the background of your render reminds me of the old Japanese ww2 flag “The rising sun” type flag. maybe you could look for a USA flag (I’m assuming that its an American veteran) I would think something a little rustic would look quite nice and add to the vintage look you probably want, something like this: