The Video Texture

Hello, I’m trying to get the video module to work on the Game Engine in hopes that it will decrease frame-rate for the background scenery I have planned.

I’ve tried several tutorials but all of them just don’t seem to do the trick for me.
Is there somthing I’m missing or what?

There is a working an example, in the game forum and in the regression files available on the Blender download page. On the right, scroll down a bit.

Okay, I download all of the files and found the example as you instructed. (By the way, thank you for telling me about that page. :D)
However I’m still encountering some problems as the video just won’t plain start.
Right now, my process is just where I copy and paste the code, (But I make change some lines to match my files) I place the video file
in the same folder as the .blend file and I’ve used the Logic bricks.
I’m starting to think that my problem is lying in the material somewhere, but I have no idea where to start looking in that area.
Oh yeah, and I’ve also switched to GLSL.