The View

Here’s a piece I made yesterday with Blender Internal after being inspired by a scene in “Me, Myself and Irene” believe it or not.

Each mountain in the background is a plane subdivided eight times with the multi-res modifier then sculpted and finally a light displacement modifier was applied with a cloud texture to give some extra variation. The foreground plane was also subdivided with the multi-res modifier and then sculpted and texture painted. I used texture paint to create a black and white stencil used for the diffuse textures and also for particle density. The grass was made using particle hair and there are about three million blades in the scene, thirty thousand particles times one hundred child particles. The background was lit with two sun lamps, warm and cool while the foreground ignored the warm sun lamp in favor of a warm spot lamp because I needed shadow maps in order for the grass to cast shadows. The small rocks are just spheres with a displacement modifier while the large rock was subdivided with multi-res and sculpted.

Overall composition was done with Blender’s compositor. Three layers, one for the foreground, one for the mountains in the background and one for the sky. This allowed me a bit more control over the fog’s appearance with respect to the foreground and background. In addition to that there’s a color balance node to help tie the colors together and a slight amount of gamma correction was done.

My girlfriend says it reminds her of the “Great Passage” level in one of my games. It didn’t occur to me before she mentioned it, but the two are very similar.