The village

this is my latest work, made with blender and render in cycles 1500 samples + filmic + denoise


other views of the project


And this is the scene set up

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Very nice work. I like the mood in the 1st one better, but I’d like it to be a little more contrasty. I think it’s a bit dull. If the last building on the left was more highlighted, it would be much more pleasing to my eye, at least.

Thanks, I think my monitor is not correctly calibrated, because at home the result of the render is better!

Agree lovely mood, jumped out at me from the thumbnail, just a pity that this town is deserted!

thanks, look it better, is not desert…there are some animals . :wink:

Good Job man :RocknRoll: the use of textures, light and models are awesome!

Thanks friend!!!

I prefer the lighter image, shows much more details

me too! Thanks

Nicely done. My only observation is regarding where the buildings join the ground, it looks a little sharp. Wouldn’t there be some structure or vegetation there to “soften” the transition? It’s a minor point. Overall this is a lovely model and it’s nicely rendered.

In some points there are vegetation, but I think other solution could be better…May be this point will be reflected for the next project.

Awesome. I love the composition especially. I would like to know if it’s a particular historical setting or if you used a specific reference.

No reference or historical setting, this scene is part of my imagination