The Void

Just an image I made a little while ago.

C&C appreciated, but I’m not planning to update it. Hope you enjoy it!

I like it.

You did that in Blender? Woah. How did you get the beams of light?


Really nice, but is there a bigger version ?

Excellent work!

please forgive me for cratiquing in the Finished thread,

I personaly would add some blur to some of the stars to give them a more distant feel…

Love the Beam emitter like effects of the lightning, how did you do them, is this a beam emitter?

tia :slight_smile:

Cool picture !!!

Would you mind sharing the “secret of the beams” with us :wink: ? How did you do that ? Is it blender ?

tha beaaaams…post-pro? hmm dont think so…
very nice, cool pic

Link not working for me. :frowning: Could you hot-link the image, please?

Thanks for the comments, everybody! :slight_smile:

I wish the beams were done using some cool new option in Blender, but no; they’re just done in the Gimp.

To create beams like this:
On a seperate layer, paint the core of the beam. Duplicate this layer and blur the lower one by about 4-5 pixels. Then use the Colorify (or colorize) filter to make them whatever color you want. Set both these layers to be additive.

Rhysy 2: Sorry, nope.:frowning:
Lord of the Rings Junkie: I edited the original post, does it work now?

Thanks again, everyone!

Nice! Interesting concept, tho a better title would be something like “The New Bermuda Triangle”…

im not sure, but i think the beams could be done with the halo effect.and they dont look like beams to me;they look like spider webs

Mzungu had a great idea there, you could make it a reinterpration of the Bermuda Triange! It would look awesome if you could the another universe inside the triangle, as though its some kind of “primitive” alien portal…or maybe an Alien stonehenge?

Can anyone post me straight link for download gimp? I cannot found that link in gimp-site… I have windows. I only found those freaky enviroment-package-stuff :slight_smile:

And this is not right place to ask, sry

Btw. That is awesome work!

Can you explain with details how to do beam? I just downloaded gimp and Im noob in it :slight_smile: For example, what mean seperate layer and how to duplicate and how can I change that pixel-thing, at first :slight_smile:

you could use blenders node compositor the same way you used gimp. the main core could be an animated mesh ( maybe even soft body ) with an material with emit turned up. then just set up a render layer thats just the beams and use nodes to colour, blur and layer it just like you did in gimp. just an idea.

nice image by the way.