The voyage home

Star Trek NG. Hope you like it.


Well, I never watched Star Trek, so I can’t comment about accuracy of the model, but it does look nice. The materials are all nice. A few changes could be a much better scene, though. I’ve never really done any space scenes, so I can’t tell you how, but there definitely is a way to do it better. Although the star system in blender is neat, it doesn’t look good enough, and detracts from the scene. The earth is the same way, there are methods of making a planet look alot cooler (google it or search the forums). I think if you give it a few little changes to make it appear more spacey, it will be a lot better and more powerful scene, which is not to say it isn’t good now, but it has potential of being alot better.

I agree with Nivik, you should make the stars smaller and have a lot more of them and unlike him I am a star trek fan so I can comment on the enterprise D. To me it seams a little disproportional laterally other than that and the windows should not stand out that much other than that good job.

In this one I tried something a little different. I used Blender’s stars. For the planet I put a flat disk shape and slapped on an earth texture instead of making the planet. this way I have options moving the ship around instead of one solid background that had planet and stars.
I did not like the stars much either but using the Blender stars I don’t think you have much of a choice except color and amount. Not sure if you can make them smaller them smaller.

Nivek, check out start trek NG that was my favorite of the 5 that they made