The VSE ! (and those fancy nodes)

First, yes…, I searched for a recent answer to this question… found none. So…

I use the VSE, and have used the strip settings and Modifiers to “sweeten” the output.

It sure would be cool if there was a way to use compositor type nodes. You know…, that fine detail?

Is there any way to do this sort of thing?


Well, you can use the compositor to combine things, as well.

I think OP wants Nuke Studio. I would like that as well.

I have seen that mentioned in various places, but I have not found an explanation of how it works.

For example… if I have two movie clips, I have not found a way to tell the compositor that the second one starts at frame 100, or where ever. I can do it, of course, in the VSE.

Do you have any advice?