The Wait

This is a short animation I am currently working on, it started out as a simple test to try rigging a character.
I chose a robot as I guessed that would be easy to rig and animate.
Oh, I was so wrong.
Allright it probably is easier but it was still damn hard to get it do what I want.
(damn those hands)

What I would need some feedback pretty much everything.
The animation, the music, the timing, too short, too long.

Help is greatly appreciated.

haha that was quite funny nice guitar work lol animation was pretty good too keep it up man

animation was good… only thing I could say is maybe better lighting?
and maybe make the render look prettier ?

BTW I have a question
how did you get the text on the computer screen did you just make text in blender then animate it or did you make a movie texture?
because I really need to know how to do this because I’m making a robot/computer that will have to have animation on the screen similar to what you did take a lookie

:):):):):slight_smile: CAS 771-50-6 to 792-74-5

Your shortmovie is funny, the music is cool, i think about two things you could improve :

  • more sound fx (when he walk, move his finger, open the garbage can …) , it give more power to your beautifull animations and increase the funny atmosphere:D like on this 3d serial “La chouette”(“The owl”)

  • more detail and realism on the texture of your robot in touch with the weather and the waiting time, for example : when it’s raining you can change the specularity , to increase the shine of his metal texture. An other idea : the more he wait the more he rusts:eyebrowlift:

Nevertheless you have already made an excellent work. Bravo!:wink:

MisadventureFilms: I made a ordinary plain text in blender.
Put it in front of the screen and made both screen and text shadeless.

hahahhah i just left a comment on youtube about this! im very glad your in the blenderartists community also. great job again!