A first completed “learning animation” with Blender 2.93.4
All EEVEE, and used MX1001’s megaplex (Patreon) model as the basis, and R. Mitchell-Lambert’s Stix VTOL as quick start models.

Put together in Davinci Resolve to add some titles and put the scene’s together.

Much can be redone for imporvements (textures, lighting, timing, etc) but that’s for another project.

comments welcome.


Someone wants to have a look? I think it’s ok

Too dark… stopped watching half way. Foot steps just didn’t keep my attention. Sorry.

all good feedback, it was also a learning how long the “intro” should/can last without losing viewer’s attention, but… then you probably missed the grand finale …

Cool sets, you definitely create a strong sense of atmosphere. I agree it’s hard to retain attention without character moving about. That said, you could make it very interesting by telling a story through the environment itself.
You could place elements in your world that tell a story of what might have happened before and makes us curious to explore and discover more clues.
You would need to decide who came through before us, and what did they do, and what did they leave behind, what happened to them. Also are we a bounty hunter looking for prey or a prisoner trying to escape a compound ? All these things can be told without showing characters if you use your camera moves and the environment in a clever way.

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