The Wall tribute ( interior scene in cycles)

I started working on this one after watching the ( great) Pink Floyd movie, The Wall. The first scene in the whole movie caught my eye because of the mood it had, and the strange camera angle and lens used. The first thing that came to my mind was trying to recreate that in Blender using cycles.It took some days and several tutorials to actually learn some of the Cycles basics. It’s a enormous improvement compared to the Blender Internal system, but sadly my video card didn’t think the same, because it worked very slow.

The final image:

( Check out the full view).If you see any obvious mistakes please let me know, so I can improve it :).

The reference image I used (I’m not actually trying mimic that image, but to remake it in my own style).

A clay render from Blender Internal:

I hope you like it, if you want to see more of my renders ( and probably a simple cycles tutorial soon) check out my blog.