The Wandering City

This is a piece I did over a few days in blender and rendered in cycles. What do you guys think? Most of the textures are from cgtextures thought some are blends of different textures from all over.

Cool concept:) it always fun to see something new and using 3D software to achieve it. Well done. The only let down to me is the grass…Believe me I understand the difficulty in doing a large field especially with cycles. Maybe avoid the grass all together and move the camera up a bit and rotate it up a bit as well so we only see the grass surface texture farther in the distance. Or what I would do is lower the camera and have some tall grass around the edges for the rock and use some DOF so you are looking through the grass just slightly. The DOF will help blend the grass particles and the smooth grass surface texture in the distance.

Again I really like this one:)

Happy Blending:)

This looks really beautiful. I love the mood of the piece.
Excellent idea and execution!

Cool idea. Though I think the light in the scene doesn’t match the sky. It seems like a sunset, so the light should come from the other side.

Great idea and execution. the mountains and snow could use a little detail, and might want to observe how snow accumulates on a mountain.

I loved the scene, the idea is very cool also, I think that you should add more details to the montains on the back and to the stone giant, maybe composite a little more too.
Aniway its lovelly congratulations!

Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree with most of these statements. Even after trying a whole bunch of different grass textures I couldn’t get a nice shader working. In the end I think It would have probably been better to do as you said and move the camera higher. I did like being able to see the ground leading up to his feet thought. I might make some adjustments soon and repost what I get. For the mountains I might sculpt more detail into the snow. As I have to have two of each mountain range thought it is becoming a really heavy scene. We’ll see how much more of mountains the sculpt. Thanks for the Critiquing. Hope I can make it look even better!

Very nice render, but I don’t liked the environment. Maybe if you put the camera focusing more the character and the city on it will improve and valorize the character, more contrast and lights too. Good job! :smiley:

I absolutely love the detail on the city-golem thingy! It has some really nice touches. However, I would change the environment completely, because the city-man doesn’t look like he belongs in a cold environment, more of a temperate one. Also, It would look better in a rocky mountainous/hilly environment, as he looks like it’s meant to blend into the environment, and the snow provides too much of a contrast. But as I said, I can’t fault the modelling. It’s epic and far better that anything I could do!


As I have to have two of each mountain range thought it is becoming a really heavy scene

Are you using layers? It does not look like it should be that heavy, unless you’r on a netbook.

Yes I am using layers and the mountain was made in ant landscape at 256 resolution and then multiresed and sculpted at level 5. then duplicated 5 times though the multires was removed from 3 of them (the snow)