The War on Artist's Block

(bg3D) #1

I was bored, tired, hungry and suffering from artist’s block
…so, I made this.

P.S. Glass is hard

(bg3D) #2

"that sucks! :smiley: " “leave and don’t come back! Go hang out with macke!”

(Ecks) #3

lol you talk to you again!

Note to me: never talk to this guy again… lol

(bg3D) #4

lol don’t you mean “again again”? Nice pic, bg! Makin me hungry!

(basse) #5

hey… this pic has come a long way!! shadows looking nice… and I like the colours… alright!

(sten) #6

great that the shadows has appeard !!

great CG work :wink: !!

keep it up little B !!