The Warders animation project((Huge update) need some sugestions

alright I thought I would join the group and make a nice short movie/animation. I am making an animation about a great mideval/fantasy battle. this will not be photorealalistic, a good example of what I want it to be like is the first cutscene in warcraft 3. the one where the orks and the humans are charging towards each other. except mine is different creatures, more midevalish and they will actually fight.Another one of my aims is to use such scripts as blenderpeople and stuff like that for the animation. It will be about 5 minutes long and contain plenty of action I am using makehuman for the human meshes and if eku lets me I would like to use his bull model for the creatures.(but do such modifications as a lower subsurf level) I am serious about this and have made some terrain and the hero human model is all ready made and I am giving him armor and such at the moment.
here are some shots
I will have more soon but I want to know what everyone thinks. I was also thinking about trying out a different rendering engine not yafray but I have heard some neat things about indigo.
for right now I have 1 question. How should I go about making grass?
should I use the standard way with particles or is there another way to go about this? I want good quality too.

I have 2 computers that I can use with blender that are on a lan conncetion so I thought there was a script somewhere that would let me use both of these for rendering at once.
spec that I have to work with:

first comp
256mb ram
P4 2.4 ghz proc

second PC
1024 DDR2 4200
pentium D 2.8ghz

And here is the links to things I have mentioned:

bump- I need some crits

Indigo has 2+ hour render on every frame for anything decent (from my tests).

I like the man with armor, although a bit naked :stuck_out_tongue: I think the terrain could be a little darker in some areas and the light spots a little darker also. Is this meant to be semi-rough farmland kind of stuff or big hills like LOTR and that warcraft trailer?

I think maybe some catapults and wooden carts would scream medieval.

alright I see your points I think the thing about the lights are because I am using a hemi. the warrior will be clothed soon and I am going for a LOTR hill look but long dry grass. I really like the idea about a catapult.

I think this is over your head. Simple is black and white stickfigures attacking eachother with no or little animation. But a full sized battle :confused:… And that you even consider Indigo is very newbish.

It’s great that you use finished models. That will save you time. BlenderPeople is available so that a plus. Only for background fightning that is.

I’m sorry but you can’t do this.

maybe not, but I will soon have plenty of time to try. I know and understand how big of a project it is,but I have proven before that I can do things people said I couldn’t.maybe I will just start out with the two heroes fighting eachother and then move up bigger.

well here is a blend of a kind of dumb looking catapult I made. mostly modeling at school
I will have screens soon of updates on the guys armor.

Yeah, break it down, stick to the internal render and optimise render speed (grass is going to be a killer). My first character animation with little movement but a lot of lip sync took me quite a while to do (since I had to learn all the rigging and lipsync stuff)

Break it down and then move upward. I’d rather see a good, well animated fight between two heroes and if you want use blender people to fight in the background but you might be taking a LOT MORE then you think you can take.

I like the catapult :slight_smile:

I only had a minute today to open the blend but it looks good. A few triangles but otherwise pretty good. Remember to get some quads out of usable triangles hit Alt + J while selecting all the parts of your mesh in editmode. I hit it quickly on the wooden frame and the metal rope lever to knock a few triangles off. Good luck!

I’m sorry but you can’t do this

Don’t listen. I’m pretty surprised that I came upon this comment! Instead of telling him he can’t, why not help him out? Jeeze, I say go for it! I would however keep it distanced so that facial animation doesn’t have to be a chore, and you can do what blender people is good at doing.

If you need anything, Just ask, I’ll try my best to help you out. I enjoy people who dream big. I myself am creating a short, though I kept it to just two characters (well three, but one is just a Tiki and doesn’t move or talk). I think in a world full of blatant reality, we need more dreamers to help us escape. I do agree, however, that you stick to the blender internal. Indigo wouldn’t do what you want. I haven’t tried Kerkythea for animations so I don’t know how good that is for it, but you might want to give that a try as well:

Good luck and happy blendering!

yeah thanks for the comments. I changed the triangles to quads and I worked on the hero. updates soon
here is a pic of the armor I am having some trouble with the chestplate and the greaves. I was trying to find good reference pics on google but most of them are retarded. I am going to use blender internal.

EDIT!! I am kind of off modeling wise today here is a better one.

I was messing around with animation and here is what I have for the catapult. mostly I was messing around with camera motion and such.
only like 3 seconds long

not a bad start.

A pretty crazy task for a noob(indigo is a hyperrealistic renderer BTW with crazy rendertimes) but i would say just do it. If we all assumed that doing something above us was impossible, where would we be? In caves with no fire, and frozen genitals(kk, that was raunchy)
anyway, your model is pretty good, id say the head should be a bit bigger, and the pex a bit smaller. But good luck, ill check back on this sometime
peace out man

alright thanks. I am going to make a camera animation of the terrain soon so be prepared.

I suggest running it along a curve and increasing the size of the Terrain, giving that helocopter effect.

yeah, gotta agree

here is a vid of the terrain. I need new textures or something.

Have you tried Ant Terain Generator for Blender? It would give you much more realistic results.

I generated the terrain using the ant generator.