The Warriors choice

Well here is the final version of my WIP.

hope you all like it.

I had fun and learned a whole lot.

Good work! I haven’t seen it’s wip but the finished version is really nice. But there are some things that can be modified to make it more interesting.

The material of the stone where the sword sticks in looks weird, probebly because the material is projected as a plane in stead of as a tube or box.
The grass looks nice, but this also could be tweaked for better results I guess. I think you used particles…? If it is static particle made, you can make them a bit more curved (since you have this long grass) and give them more density and more rendomisation (in stead of two different directions) Or you can try out the Fiber script. That gives really cool results too, but with this script you make verticles and therefor it takes longer to render.
I could crit some more, but you said it is finished and therefor probebly don’t feel like working on this anymore, but if you tweak it a bit, it can be really nicer.

But it looks pretty good. Keep on blending mate!

At some point I might go back to it but I am thinking about starting a new project right now on that will most likely take a couple months.
So I will leave it as it is.
Thanks for the tips though I will remember them next time.

That looks alot like the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Good job, i think the grass could use some work, so its not all one green color.